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6 - 8 day trip in Greece-itinerary suggestions

I am traveling with my daughter (15) to Greece beginning of April, it is our first time in Greece. We have about a week, but can make a bit longer if needed. I love museums and architecture, but my daughter is not a fan. She will need time to relax by water, take walks in the hills, anything with animals (suggestions welcome). I like finding farmers markets, cooking(place to stay with a kitchen), taking things slow. I am thinking of the following itinerary, please share suggestions:

Arrive in Athens, rent car and go directly to Nafplio (3 nights). Day trip to Epidavros and possibly Mycenae. Day exploring town of Nafpilo and beach. Day in Epidavros. If possible, day on boat tour of coast or to visit an island (is this possible)?

Return car to Athens airport and fly to Santorini (2 nights). Rent a car and explore island.

Fly back to Athens and have 2 nights before flying home.

I do not like going back to the airport from Nafplio. Is there another island we can go to from Nafplio that would not require a flight? Or, perhaps we should skip the island and go somewhere that we can drive from Nafplio?<<

Must haves: time in Athens, time visiting architecture sights, time by water (although it will probably be too cold to swim).

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You can definitely see Epidavros and Mycenae in one day, each for ½. Santorini is so different from Nafplio and Athens that the three could give you a good overview of the variety how different Greece can feel from place to place. That said, we spent a week in the Peloponnese and loved it, so you could certainly find lovely places there, but Santorini seems to be a place people feel they must see, and April will be a nicer time to go. I don't know of a way back to the airport from Nafplio except to drive it. Make sure to stop at the Corinth canal and walk across

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Another option is to drive from Nafplio to the Ermioni & Porto Heli port (1h 15m) and take a 45m ferry to the pedestrian island of Hydra where the donkey populationa thrives. From Hydra, you can take a 1h 30m ferry to Piraeus and hop on a direct bus to the Athens Airport.

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From your other post I understand you will be in France first. You said you're nervous about driving there. I have driven in France, took a bus tour (RS) through the Peloponnese. My impression is that driving in Greece is much more daunting.

I don't see any advantage (or difference) to an island over a seaside town in the Peloponnese. Santorini is overhyped, overpriced and overcrowded. And yes, the water will be way to cold to swim. My trip was in late April and the water was warm enough for a dip but no more than 10-20 minutes.

2N in Athens gives you little more than one full day.

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@Chani, Thank you for recognizing me from the other post, and yes, I am worried about driving. I will consider the bus to the Peloponnese. @MaryPat, I like the idea of going to Hydra instead of Santorini.

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Updated itinerary. Please let me know your thoughts:

March 22-26 (arrive am of 22nd. 4 nights/4 days): Paris

March 26: Fly Paris-Athens. Bus/Ferry to Hydra. (suggestions for things to see on way)

March 26-28 (2 nights/1 full day): Hydra
- List item
Enjoy just being in Hydra. Walk, beach, donkeys

March 28: Travel day. Ferry, car or bus to Nafplio (suggestions for things to see on way)

March 28-April 1 (4 nights/3 days) Nafplio
- List item
Mycenae/ Epidaurus (Day trip)
Delphi (Possible day trip)
Suggestions for must-do's

April 1: Travel day. Bus/car from Nafplio to Athens (suggestions for things to see on way)

April 1-April 3 (2 nights/1 day): Athens.

Fly out of Athens April 3rd am

1. While I am nervous about driving, I think it will be more efficient if we use a car to explore the Peloponnese. However, let me know if you advise against because it is difficult to drive or just not necessary. Also, I will need an automatic, so if this is problematic please let me know.

  1. Assuming car rental is advisable, is it possible to rent in Ermioni & Porto Heli port and return at the Athens?

  2. I don't want to pack our trip with too much sight seeing (my daughter will revolt), but please let me know if there are must sees or places we can visit while on route from one location to another.

  3. Let me know if time frames are ok, or if you recommend more or less time in different locations. I wish I had more time!

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Hi Karen, since you have to catch a ferry to Hydra from Piraeus, explore Piraeus. Its history dates back to the BC era. The main attraction here is its Turkish Little Harbor, the smallest of Piraeus three harbors and is considered to be one the more picturesque harbors in the Mediterranean Sea.