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4 Nights in Corfu

We will be spending 4 nights in Corfu towards the last part of September. This is a spur of the moment 50th Anniversay trip. I'm looking for some upper end hotel recoomendations. All comments more than welcome. Thanks in advance

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I had to chuckle when I saw your post since I just caught the Durrells in Corfu on PBS and was pining for a hotel as remote and lovely as their TV home is. Do please report back what you find. I hope it is beautiful.

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Did you have in mind a specific place in Corfu?If not I think that you have to consider if you wish more relaxed holidays or you wish to explore the island in order to decide where to stay.Another question is if you like an all inclusive hotel or just somewhere to stay and eat outside.

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I wish I could help but am just sympathizing. I don’t stay in upper end accommodations, but I do plan to be on Corfu next year and have started researching the areas. I had no idea there was so much! I didn’t keep the website links but I found a couple of places (by googling) about the different areas.

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Just a word of warning, in case you chose Corfu on the basis of the PBS "DUrrells in Corfu" series. Please consider that the Durrell experience was during the Height of the Great Depression, when there was NO tourism. I hear that to "recreate" the same setting was a Huge challenge for the series producers... and the house shown was nothing like the original ... and many other things were mocked up. Have you researched Corfu even a tiny bit? For the past 40 years it's been a favorite of Brit budgeteers who want "package holidays" --- thus many of the best beaches have been totally flanked by purpose-built concrete "holiday apartments"... not the atmosphere you are seeking for an anniversary, I'm guessing. ALso, Corfu has direct flights from many UK major airports, so it's a "holiday of convenience" for many Brits ... rather the way Orlando, St. Petes, etc are for Midwestern Americanas.

This travel forum isn't the best one to consult for Corfu .. because it's not a priority for Americans, and not a direct flight.

I'd suggest you go to the Greece-based agencies that have been very well reviewed for dealing online with N. Americans -- Thes include Dolphin-Hellas, Fantasy Travel, and Aegean-Thesaurus. Do NOT fill out an online form; instead write a very detailed email of your wishes with many specifics, and your per-night budget range. Send the same email to all 3, then compare; which answers quickest, what are their suggestions and costs. They can handle all the detailas including car rental -- which could be a chalalenge this yeara, due to vehicle shortages.