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4 day trip to Greece from Turkey by car - Please suggestions

Hello, next week we will be travelling by car from Turkey (Istanbul) to Greece. We have 4 days holiday. How can we utilise this? We are a family with children. (one- a 5 year old) Should the route be Xanthi, Kavala and Thessaloniki? Should we only stay in Thessaloniki? I don't think it is possible to go to Athens because our visa is only for 4 days. What should we do, where do you recommend? Where should we go to make the most of 4 days, can you help us plan the route? I am waiting for every suggestion, thank you.

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Is that with a rental car? Then you should first clarify with the rental company whether you are allowed to take the car out of the country at all. Otherwise, yes, I would take the highway to Thessaloniki and spend the time there, because Thracia and Eastern Macedonia only offer something for special interests such as archaeology. There's plenty to do in Thessaloniki, especially if the four days include the drive. If the time seems too long, you could always drive back east earlier and take the ferry from Kavala or Keramoti (more ferries and more convenient by car) to the beautiful island of Thasos. Please don't underestimate the travel time or the time needed for the two border checkpoints.

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Given the travel times by car and your 4 day limit you will not have enough time to go further than Thessaloniki. The city is worth staying there for 2 full days.

From Thessaloniki you could possibly visit the archaeological site of Vergina and its tombs of the kings of Macedonia which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, it's about 1 hour driving time from Thessaloniki.

The site is closed on Tuesdays.

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You're right, I think Thessaloniki is the best option. So, is there any area you recommend to stay? It seems more logical to rent an Airbnb house.

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Use the Airbnb map to find an Airbnb in Thessaloniki that suits you.

The ideal way to get around on foot is to stay in the center between the Kapani market, Aristotelous Square and the White Tower.

See also, for example The Caravan (they have family rooms)

or Thirty Nine Studios

For a cheap accommodation (hostel) see:

STAY Hybrid

There is also the old town "Ano Poli" to see located on the heights of Thessaloniki

I would add that if you are driving into town and want to park your car, be aware that there are paid areas dedicated to visitors.
Parking is paid on weekdays until 9 p.m., on Saturdays until 4 p.m., and free on Sundays and public holidays.
You can pay with an app.

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the car belongs to us.

Does your insurance provide coverage for a 'foreign country'?

I bring this up because, as a frame of reference, most US issued auto policies cover Canada, but not Mexico.

I have no idea what/where/if a Turkish auto policy applies outside Turkey