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3.5 days in Athens

My wife and I will be in Athens for the last 3.5 days of July. The Only item on our itinerary is a walking tour of the old town and the Acropolis. Please reply with any recommendations fun things to see or do for our remaining 3 days. I figured we'd visit the Acropolis museum and the Ancient Agora as well, but that's about all I know. Thank you!

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The Archaeological Museum is one of the best in the world.

I have read that in the summer there are performances of folk dances by a national troupe; however our visits have been in the fall and spring, so I have no further information. The TI office or your hotel should be able to give you particulars.

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DANCE -- I have been to Greece 12x and in that process have stayed in Plaka area at least 18 times, but darn it, I was never able to see the Dora Stratou Dance Theatre year afer year, because it only starts in June after I left. Finally in 2011 I went, and WHAT a treat!! THere are about 24 dancers ... and for a long time I thought there must be 60! because of all the different costumes (I guess they just do really really quick-changes!)... They perform dances of all the different regions of Greece, some are quite different. You can google some of the performances on Youtube & see if it interests you or your wife. To get there, it's a nice stroll along the promenade on the S. Sid eof the Acropolis, then left turn into a forested glade for about 15 minute stroll. 2 tips #1 - take some mosquito lotion, its an outdoor theatre and #2 Get the name of a taxi company from your hotel that you can phone for a pick-up in the DS Parking lot -- otherwise in the dark its a looong walk to any street to hail a taxi, and then they may not know your hotel.

OTHER PLACES -- This is a WONDERFUL list of museums, sites, etc -- -- it hasn't been updated for 5 years, so the entry prices are all wrong ... but it will remind you of things you didn't realize you'd love ... the tiny (and Poiignant) Jewish museum, in a townhouse in Plaka district ... the CHildren's ART museum - Fab kids stuff great for walls! -- the Popular Musical Instruments museum (earphones to hear each one) , the Lalounis Jewelry Museum (just 100 yards W of the Acropois museum) -- Ilias Lalouni was the Tiffany-Cartier level Jewelry GENIUS of Greece ... and lastly, the Melina Mercouri foundation -- an absolutely thrilling photoramic exhibit of this amazing woman's life (actress - Patriot who singlehandedly organized overthrow of the 1970s dictatorship -- and then Ministry of Culture). I could go on....

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Watch the changing of the guard ceremony on Sunday at Syntagma. It starts about 10.45 am. You'll probably need to get there a lot earlier to get a good viewing place around the square. There is a changing of the guard every hour on the hour 24/7, but the 11 am Sunday ceremony is very elaborate and includes a marching band.

The Ancient Agora is great, but there's little shade. Take lots of water. (same for the Acropolis). And, as Rosalind says, the Archaeological Museum is a Wow.

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I would recommend Anafiotika on the north side of the Acropolis. It's a small, quiet area that looks like a village on a Greek Island. With its white-washed houses, narrow lanes and lovely views you'll never realize you are in a city of millions.

The Central Markets on Athinas St. is worth a visit. Lots of meat, seafood, produce and all kinds of other goodies. The meat section may be a bit overwheming for vegans and don't wear sandals! Even if you don't buy anything it's quite an experience. In addition there are numerous streets nearby with small, traditional shops with wonderful Greek products. Mostly locals shop there.

Kerimikos Cemetery is an overlooked archeological site. Very tranquil, lovely and full of ancient remains (not human! LOL)

Check out Matt's Athens Guide for lots more to do:

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The Archaeological museum is worth nearly a full day. We "only" had 3 hours and were rushing past amazing things towards the end. It's stunning. You also have the Jewish museum, Kerikamos, to visit, and of course the temple of Jupiter just near the main square.

Both Agoras (Greek and Roman) are great but only require a couple hours at most for both. 3.5 days in summer when it will likely be hot and you don't really need that much time to see Athens unless you prefer a very relaxed style of travel. Have you considered a day trip by coach to nearby sights? Or going to see the ship museum in Piraeus? Athens does have a waterfront at some parts of it are quite nice as well if you want to get some sea breezes.