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2024 Airbnb requests passport # for pick up at Athens airport- acceptable iho?

Airbnb requests passport # for pick up at Athens airport- acceptable in your humble opinion? He stated this is mandatory by the Athens airport. I have unsuccessfully attempted contact with the airport but no answers. Thanks in advance

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Your Airbnb is picking you up at the airport?

I used Welcome Pickups to get me at the airport and take me to my hotel. They didn't need my passport number.

Why would an airport need your passport number to get picked up?

Is this a legitimate Airbnb communication? How did you book it? Was it direct or through

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Airbnb hosts require your passport number because the money they earn as a Host on Airbnb is considered taxable income.
The guest's first name, name and date of birth are also required

It has nothing to do with the airport or transportation.

The Airbnb ad must include a registration number at the end of the accommodation description.

How much do they charge you for this airport pickup?

The official flat rate for Airport→Athens by taxi is €40 during the day (€55 from midnight to 5 a.m.).

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Is this Airbnb or the host? I do not believe that Airbnb handles any type of transportation. If the host is doing on their own then that is between you and the host.

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If they do not need to pick you up, they need it for records for your stay, but they likely do need to record it for the pickup as well. But as others mentioned, AirBnB is not involved, your host is offering you a service in addition to the stay.

Your passport number is not a secret, it is a random number assigned to you and serves really no other purpose. No one can do anything with it, for that matter, if you gave them a random number in the same format, no one would know any difference either. Lots of hotels and private stays will require to see your passport, or ask for the information to record the information.

If the authorities followed up though and the number didn't jive, then that might be a problem.

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I do not understand the use of 'iho' in the subject/title line

Read the blurb posted by the OP, and go with the flow

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Airbnb host asking for passport #’s, is the usual because people pay taxes and they must report it to the authorities. That can be done after you check-in. If they’re asking for it beforehand, personally I wouldn’t do that until you’re actually in the unit.