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2022 tours

already booked 2022 tour Greece with Viking and need to combine with Rick Steves Greece tour.
Please work on these tours since believe me the demand is there , Rick.

Dana Morris

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Dana, please understand that your comments are unlikely to be seen by Rick.

Sometimes a staffer drops in here, but usually not, and in 10 years I've never seen Rick on these Forums.

The best way to speak to the company is to use the "Contact Us" facility - buttons below or under the hamburger, or pick up the phone and call them.

These Forums are hosted on the Rick Steves website but other than a light touch from the webmaster pretty much is independent - we are all fellow travellers who share our knowledge or ask questions...

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Please work on these tours since believe me the demand is there

I'm quite sure Rick is fully aware of demand. I'm equally certain that Rick won't offer them for booking until he is confident that they can actually happen. I suggest that you read through the COVID FAQ that can be found at the top of the main page:

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Welcome to the forum, Dana.

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Hi Dana, welcome to the forum -
Your post is a little confusing so maybe you can help us out? What are you wanting Rick to "work on"? Athens + the Heart of Greece tour are scheduled to commence in the fall of 2021, if the COVID situation allows. The tour schedule for 2022 won't be posted until, oh, mid-year 2021 or so. Is the 2022 schedule what you're looking for?

2020 has obviously been an annus horribilis for the travel/hospitality industry, and I'm guessing it's all the RS team can do just to try and salvage whatever is possible for the back half of next year (no RS tours at all until August/Sept. or that I'm aware of, anyway.) Given what's probably involved with kickstarting tours after what will have been 18 months of shutdown, by the time they get going again, pretty sure the Big Kahuna out in Edmonds hasn't been sitting on his hands! 😉