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20 day Spring trip to Greece

We are int the initial stages pf planning this trip. We usually do AirBnB and like to minimize short stays in each location ( probably 2 or 3 max for this trip). We are hoping for some suggestions about structuring our trip. We often combine a hectic city (likely Athens?) with some more laid back location. And we love day trips wherever we go. We haven't been to Greece history and we are walkers. Thank you for you thoughts !

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Well we went to Greece last May for 14 days and the only thing that would have made it better was to have 20 days. We stayed in air Bnbs except in Naxos where there was nothing that would work for our group of 7.

This is what we did: flew from Athens upon arrival from US to santorini and stayed for 3 nights.

Ferried to Naxos and stayed 4 nights.

Flew to Athens, rented a car, drove to nafplio where we stayed 4 nights.

Returned car to airport, took bus into Athens and stayed 3 nights.

If I had 6 more nights, I would have added 1-2 to both Naxos and Athens.
Then I would have gone to Delphi, spent a night, and then drove to meteora where I would have spent 2-3 nights.

Delphi and meteora are in my plans for a return trip!

There are more great places than you can easily visit even with 20 days.

Do consider ferry schedules if you want to move between islands. It is much easier to move with an island group than between them.

Have fun planning!


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Really cannot help unless you get more specific ... "Spring" could be chilly rainy March, or could be end of May. Would you go to a MD and say, tell me what's wrong, its something in the area of my torso. Or help me buy a birthday present for my son. Please share more!

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I went to Greece last spring (late April-early May), spent 4 days in Athens on my own, then took the RS tour of the Peloponnese. As Beth said, the only thing that would have made it better would have been more time in Greece. Athens was the only place that wasn't laid back. English was widely spoken everywhere we went. If you are willing to drive (GPS would be essential, and the ability to read Greek for signs very useful), I'd suggest more or less following the RS tour itinerary. One couple on my tour spent several days in Santorini pre-tour and loved it. Visiting the seaside towns and villages of the Peloponnese is just like being on an island, pristine beaches (pebbly) and amazing views. With a car, there are places you could use as bases for 2-3 nights with day trips. Without a car, I doubt you'd have many (any?) options.

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Chani, did you do a trip report on your RS Greece tour and I missed it? We are signed up for that tour next October and I would love to hear about it!

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diveloonie - not exactly a trip report but a running commentary, with large gaps, here. Wray took the tour a month before me and I think she wrote about it.