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2 Weeks in Greece

Hi. We are planning a 2 week vacation in Greece, for September, 2021. We want to go to Athens, Nafplion, Mykonos witha side trip to Delos. How many days do we need for each location? Thanks

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How many days do we need for each location?

That depends on what you want to do at each location.

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"Need" is relative right? By that I mean, there may be things in each place you wish/dont wish to see/do compared to someone else. But I would say minimum 2 full days in Athens (provided you do not wish to go somewhere outside the city like Delphi), Nafplion 2-3 (if 2, then 2 full days/3 nights), Mykonos 2-3, Delos 1-2. It also depends where you will be recovering from jet lag (which I would do on Mykonos or in Nafplio), where you might want an extra day so you can take things slower for the first 2-3 days of the trip. Then allow for ½ day for each move from place to place. I would go to Athens last, for one because its nicer to navigate when not experiencing jet lag, and because you will more reliably get to your flight than if you were coming to the Airport from a farther locale. Now start reading a lot about each and figure out what you want to do there and that will help shape the number of days that suits you :)

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We spent four nights in Nafplio and three in Athens. It was perfect for Nafplio but could have had one more night in Athens.

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So it sounds like 4 nights in Nafplion and 4 or 5 nights in Athens. We are flying in after a few days in Rome, so jet lag won’t be an issue. Sounds like 2 or 3 nights in Mykonos. Thanks for all who replied.

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I have been to all three places.
Athens should be your number one site. I would spend a week there. You can spend two days just going to museums there. More time to see the Acropolis and the other key sites. Also, trips to Sounion to see the Temple of Poseidon; a day trip to Delphi; a day trip to Corinth at a minimum.

Nafplion is great, be sure to climb the staircase up the hill to the fort. It is more than 800 steps, but we Seniors did it.

There are places to visit on the Peloponnese from Nafplion, so I would say 3 nights there.

Mykonos is beautiful. We are not beach people, but exploring the port as well as the day trip to Delos at a minimum. You could spend two nights there and then two nights in Santorini, which is wonderful.

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we spent 5 days in Athens and it was barely enough.... There is tons to do in Athens so I would take my time there. If you love the beach then Mykonos is worth spending 5 days as well. If you don't want the crazy crowd and you just want to relax and enjoy the restaurants I would highly recommend Ornos Beach in Mykonos. We loved Mykonos and it was a lot of fun. A day trip to Delos and back you can enjoy Mykonos Town during the day. At night it is tons of crowds but well worth walking through the mazes of streets. We spent close to a month in Greece last year and honestly it was not enough time...