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2 weeks in Greece

Hello All,

I am new to the forum, and very excited to share that my wife and I will be making a trip to Greece in the beginning of June. This was a bit unexpected so our time there is still unplanned, but we have a general idea of places to visit.

Our itinerary right now looks like this:

3 Days on Santorini

  • 3 nights on Santorini
  • 3 nights on another island, looking something different, more relaxed and cheaper than Santorini, deciding between Milos,Naxos and Paros (having an airport to travel back to the mainland is a plus)
  • 1 night in Delphi (we plan to arrive to Athens and travel by rental car to Delphi)
  • 2 nights in Meteora
  • 3 nights in Athens

What do you guys think about this itinerary?

Main question points are:

-Which island to complement our stay in Santorini.
-Is there anything else near Meteora/Delphi to include in our itinerary (keep in mind we plan to rent a car)
-Is there any possible way to fit Peloponnes into all of these? Is there a way to get from the Greek Island maybe directly to Monemvasia or some where nearby?

Thank you all for your help! it is appreciated.

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I did something similar in 2009 but had more nights than you. Maybe 16 if I recall.
Here's the address of my blog, it's in french but you can use google translation, it will give you an idea. you can change the days on you right.
Our second island was Mykonos, not the best choice for us, but the vicit to Delos island(only ruins) was great)
So I can't tell for another island.
We stayed 3 nights I think in Delphes, but I had made a mistake thinking at the time that Meteoras were 1:30 from Delphes(there was something else names meteore on google map!)
Close to Delphes is a great 3 stars must see monastary called Osios Loukas.
We stayed in Arahova 10 minutes away.
Considering the drive and the time to see the meteores, 2 nights is fine. I didn't see that there was many other sites of interests around.
We did do the peloponese, stayed 3 nights in Nafplio and from there did Corintia, Mycaena and the superb epidaurus.
Left and spent a night in Mystras and down to Monemvasia for a night.
We loved the pelopponese.
Maybe consider one island and do the pelopponese? Espicially if you are into history. If not then a second island might be the right thing.

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And forgot to mention that yes 3 night-2 full days in Athens should cut it. Enough to visit the main sites, the 2 major museums(acropolis and national museum) and some of the nice neighbourhoods of Plaka, Monastiraki, etc