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2-3 weeks in Nafplio (or elsewhere on the Pelopponese)


I am looking to spend 3 weeks in Greece and am looking for a get-away and/or base probably on the Pelopponese or at least close to Athens (such as Hydra). I've heard that Naxos is interesting but could one spend a leisurely but still interesting (quality) 2-3 weeks there, or would that be overkill?

I don't drive so, I know, my options will be more limited.
It would be my third time in Greece, having spent about two weeks total in Athens and the rest of the time on a cruise in the Aegean. I'm kind of done with group tours and moving around so much, constantly on the move.

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Naxos has a lot to offer and is an ideal island destination. Three weeks might bet a bit much,. Having said that our friends stayed in Naxos for a month and loved it. You might want to consider splitting time with nearby Paros and its island companion of Antiparos.
Naxos town
Trip around Naxos
Naxos sunsets

Another option would be to choose Crete. It is huge and filled with wonderful beaches mountains the sea and cities that date back to the Venetian era. You will not see it all in 3 weeks.

We always tend to stay in West Crete at Chania. It is a Venetian era city and still has the walled central area. It is a good base to explore the surrounding area. We also always head to the south coast seaside villages for beach time.

Here are a few images of the area.
Chania 2022
Chania Sougia and Plakias 2019

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Nafplio is a cruise port and many people can find the sudden influx of tourists disconcerting. I think you should probably look elsewhere for your base.

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Nafplio and Hydra seem much easier to get to than Naxos, especially when one views a map of central and southern Greece. To get to Naxos, it appears one has to leave Piraeus for Mikonos and from there take another ferry to get to Naxos island. From there, a taxi to wherever one is staying (?).

I didn't realize Nafplio welcomes cruise ships.

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Naxos has an airport. Just fly there from Athens, its not hard to get there

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You don’t mention the time of year, which might make a difference. We often spend a couple of weeks in Nafplio and it’s a good bet for a long stay. We go out of main season and have never been bothered by cruise ships.

There’s a fair sized town, much of which is pedestrianised, and a beautiful walk around the headland. There’s also an impressive Venetian fortress and a good range of restaurants.

We generally don’t hire a car and it’s possible to visit Tiryns (‘of the mighty walls’ according to Homer) which is only ten minutes away on the local bus. It’s also easy to get to Argos which is half away on the same bus. Argos has a good twice weekly market and also a little visited Roman site. Changing buses in Argos you can also get to Mycenae in a couple of hours and there is also a Nafplio to Epidavrus bus daily.

So basically it’s a nice town to be settled and wander around with a range of options if you fancy a day out. It’s also just under three hours by bus from Athens so an easy trip.

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We stayed in Nafplio for 5 nights in May 2022, and there was only one cruise ship in port. It did not ruin our vacation at all. Nafplio is beautiful! Filled with bougainvillea! We saw the best sunset of our trip in Nafplio, more spectacular than on Santorini.

For an island, I would choose Naxos any day over Hydra. You can fly from Athens to Naxos. About a 40-minute flight. Very easy.