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17 days in Greece - would like some insight if my itinerary is feasible and not too overboard.


Please take a look at my itinerary and let me know your thoughts. If it seems a bit too overboard, I'm open to changing it. It would be ideal to see as much as possible, but I don't want to be overly exhausted.

Day 1 - Arrive in the afternoon, tour Athens (waiting for friends who will arrive the next day)
Day 2 - Athens
Day 3 - Santorini (fly out at 5 am arrive 6 am)
Day 4 - Santorini
Day 5 - Santorini (leave after midnight for Rhodes arrive at Rhodes 9:00 am)
Day 6 - Rhodes
Day 7 - Rhodes
Day 8 - Rhodes
Day 9 - Rhodes (1hr 30 min. flight at 3 for Thessaloniki, rent car and drive to Meteora)
Day 10 - Meteora
Day 11 - Half day Meteora, then drive to Delphi. After Delphi, drive to Kyllini to go to Zakynthos
Day 12 - Zakynthos
Day 13 - Zakynthos
Day 14 - Zakynthos
Day 15 - 17 - fly to Athens and will decide if we could fit in Nafplio for a day or two. Final night at Athens before heading to the airport.

Welcome any insight or recommendations!

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It looks as if you're intending to drop off your rental in Kyllini and fly back to Athens. Do I have this right? Have you found a rental agency that will allow it and have you explored what the drop-off charge will be? I'm curious just how much that charge is.

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I recently booked a car through Autoeurope with pick-up in Chania and drop off in Heraklion. The extra fee for doing so will be 49.60 euros, VAT incl.

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Haven't looked into the rental car part yet as I could still make changes to the itinerary.

But what do you guys think so far? Is this is doable?

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Only if you can find a rental car that won't charge a HUUUUGE drop-off fee. Even if you pick up in Athens and drop off in a major place like Thessaloniki, the drop-off fee can be €400 ... someone I know did that, and the drop-off fee for the car was more than the rental charge for 7 days. Nomad, you have to understand that Greece is not the USA or Britain or Germany. They don't have flleets of cars constantly moving back & forth. Thus, many agencies, to retrieve a car, must send out a 2nd car with TWO drivers, to get the car back. Therefore, big charges. I have heard that several of the big international agencies are begining to have a lower flat fee for the drop-off.... but in major places, not Kyllini.

It would help if you told us why Zakynthos? Lots of newbies pick Zakynthos because they see a photo of "Shipwreck beach" on a calendar and think they can't live without seeing it. They know nothing about the actual experience ... nobdy gets to see it the way it is in the calendar -- deserted and beautiful. Tour boats come and jam the shore, the beautiful white beach is actually pebbles, not the white sand of your dreams (which does not exist anyway in Aegean/Mediterranean, only in oceans with coral). If you have other reasons to go to Zakynthos, fine ... just do not go there from some fantasy.

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Nafplio IMHO will reward expectations far more. It does not disappoint.

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Yes, it was the pictures of Shipwreck beach, Cameo island, and the blue water caves that sold me. I know it would be packed with tourists going there, but I feel it would still be picturesque. Also, I figured doing some kayaking and hiking there would make the trip worth it.

It was either Zakynthos or Milos but I'm not sure which is better...they both look nice in pictures and on YouTube.