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Flight from Santorini to Athens


I need to fly from Santorini to Athens on June 6th, landing in Athens before noon to make a connecting flight. I have been looking for flights on Olympic Air/Aegean for about a month. It seems that the prices don't fluctuate,
I had been under the impression that a flight from Santorini to Athens could be relatively cheap. Does anyone know if these prices will ever go down or should I stop waiting for it to get cheaper?
Secondly, when I recently checked there were no prices listed for several of the various flight times- now the only morning flight left os the very first one out. Does this indicate there are no more seats left on the other flights? I am surprised the flights would be full already.

Thanks for any help!

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If you need to be in Athens to catch a noon flight on June 6, you should probably fly back to Athens on June 5, just in case some sort of problem causes that morning flight to be cancelled. This is especially true if your connecting flight is a transatlantic flight home ... very costly to miss that.

Whatever flight you choose for June 5, you should book immediately. Olympic & Aegean have a tiered pricing schedule ... a limited number of inexpensive tickets, then a group at a higher price, all the way up to the changeable full-priced tickets. The inexpensive tickets are usually snapped up first, so rather than tickets getting cheaper, they get more expensive the longer you wait. Sometimes you get lucky and find seats on sale (Olympic had one a couple of weeks ago), but I don't ever count on that; I purchase my tickets as soon as my itinerary is finalized.

And finally, if you are seeing tickets available for only one flight, it means that all of the other flights have been sold out.

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I agree that it's very risky to spend your last night out on an island. Return to Athens on the 5th. You will then be able to relax at the end of your time in Greece instead of stressing to make your flight home. Both Aegean and Olympic have recently released some discounted fares, and if you're not seeing them or are not seeing some flights anymore it means "what you see is what you get." You've waited too long trying to save a few dollars. Best to book ASAP to avoid spending even more.

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Thank you both!

We fly out of Athens at 230pm on Friday, I had wanted to be to there by noon to make sure we had enough time in the airport. We are only flying to Vienna that day. I will look into a late night flight out on the 5th. Just curious -since the only morning flight that is left is the 630am one, I might have to book that, if I did would we need to be at the Santorini airport should we still at 430am? We plan on only traveling with a carry on sized backpack, so there will be no luggage to check.

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I will be flying from Crete (HER) to Budapest in May, via Athens. My flight is at 6:30 a.m. too and I'll be staying a 10 min. taxi ride from the airport. I'm planning on getting there for 5 or so. I'm figuring on grabbing a bite in Athens airport, if I can't grab something at the hotel on my way out.

If I were you, I'd grab those early morning tickets now, before this flight sells out too. I bought my Aegean ticket back in November and the cheapest tickets were already selling out then.

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If your flight from Santorini departs at 6:30 you can show up at 5:30, not 4:30. The airport will not be busy then. Taxi drivers are used to these early-morning departures so it won't be a problem for them. Have your hotel make the booking for you.