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Last minute planning to Greece need a good place to stay?

Taking off to Greece in less the 2 weeks and my itinerary is just not coming together.
I have a long trip to get to Greece- Oregon, London-Istanbul-Athens. Get in late at night, have a room for one night. Then take off the next morning to go to Delphi for one night, I think i have a room here. Then back to Athens for 3 nights and then that's when my itinerary falls apart.
I'm a solo traveler who doesn't want to rent a car and is used to public transportation so need hotels close to bus stations so I can get around or within walking distance. I want to go to Santorini for at least 3 nights. I've called all the hotels in Ricks book and they are all sold out or higher then i can afford. Last minute so not surprised. Any suggestions?
I also want to go to Mykonos, I think I found a place there just not the dates I wanted but it's the only one in Rick's book that still has rooms available. Any suggestions here?
Everyone is talking so highly about Naxos that I thought i might try to get a night or two here and shorten by trip in Santorini, even though its on my bucket list. Thought I'd try calling the Kymata or Kalergis hotels since a few of you have talked about them as being good.
Also will be going to Meteora for a couple of nights, anyone know of a good hotel there?
Nafplio is also on my list for 2 nights. Anyone have a nice, clean centrally located hotel that they have stayed at here and would recommend?
Thanks for your input and help in advance.

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Your question is in the wrong section. This is the section for reviews. You will get better and more answers if in the Q and A section for Greece.

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Thanks for letting me know, this is my first post on his forum.
Sorry for the inconvenience, is there a way for me to take the post down?

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No worries, Lea. Just go to your Forum account, pull up your post and right below your name on the post is delete/edit. Why don’t you copy your post first, though, so you don’t have to retype it when you post it under Greece.
Have a fun trip!

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First off stop relying so much on rd books for hotels , at this late date they are likely booked .

Try looking at a booking engine like ( that name , not others that sound similar ) I’ve used it for years and it’s a great help . I don’t always book through it , I use it to get names locations and reviews ( and you can only post a review there after you have completed an actual stay !) and sometimes book through hotels website , sometimes booking.cim says a hotel is booked up but if you contact them directly they have rooms left ( they sometimes don’t put all their inventory online ) . I’ve also booked through them and never had an issue . So remember that some hotels offer a cheaper rate but it’s NON refundable, so read rate terms carefully .

Mykonos and Santorini will be crowded and expensive . Keep that in mind . Naxos is lovely and I have stayed at the Kymata and can recommmed it for price , cleanliness, and excellent location ( plus nice staff ) .

In Mykonos we’ve stayed in three places . One was cheaper and right in town , but super basic , clean but very dreary and outdated , I’ll have to look up its name . Another hotel was the Poseidon , it was great and 2 minutes walk from town , nice pool and included breakfast , we stayed there three years ago , but last year when we checked prices I died , they’ve doubled !!! If you can afford it stay there , but we made a different choice .

Last year we stayed at Paranga beach and LOVED IT , however it is outside town ( which is fine town is so torisity and overpriced , nice to see but we won’t stay there again ) .

Haven’t been to Santorini , looks great , but pricey ! Good luck hope others can help you there .

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“ at least tnree nights on Santorini” Why? Two is better, look at the Caldera view, visit Akrotiri and Amoudi Bay and leave. Mobs of cruise ship passengers clog the streets and alleyways. Ugh. Yes, to both Naxos and Paros which are much better island options, more Greek feeling than Santorini which is filled with non Greeks running things, and give more time to Napflion.