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Hydra restaurants

I've been in Greece, Athens and the Peloponnese, almost 2 weeks now and would agree with almost all reviews, however the section on Hydra restaurants needs some correction. First, the restaurant Psaropoula Restaurant is not where indicated, but rather where the "Veranda Restaurant" is marked on your map, pages 394-395, but I would not disagree with the review. More importantly, the Taverna Gitoniko, from where I just returned, truly deserves to be taken off your list of "preferred".
Everything seemed to be unavailable or too large to cut (fresh fish). Finally the woman, I assume Christina, convinced me to take the "fresh beef vegetable stew". I ordered a carafe of red wine and she brought rose and, when I called this to her attention, said they were out of red. I was going to leave but she decided to look and, surprisingly found some red. The stew was way overcooked and the waiter Nowhere to be found. I have found this to be the first experience that I would really bring to other's attention.
This place should not be on anyone's preferred list and, in my opinion, should be avoided. The hotel I'm at, the Greco, is a jewel. Hardy

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Thanks for the feedback. I've sent your comments to our guidebook editors for their consideration when researching future editions. It really helps to hear back from fellow travelers. Glad to hear the rest of your trip was great!