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Greek island of Samos

We are taking ferry from Kusadasi, Turkey to Samos. Looks like Port of Pytagorion. We would like to stay in a place either on, or close to a nice beach in this area, for three days of RandR after the RS Turkey tour. Any suggestions for accomodations would be much appreciated. Thank you, Hank, Novato, CA

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You may want to put this in the 'Greece' listing under the " Destination Q & A " category.

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We actually did the same back in 2010 between the Turkey and Greece tours. It was the end of April and we stayed in a lovely B&B in Samos, but I cannot remember the name. I believe it was recommended in the RS guidebook. Unfortunately, we were there the weekend before tourist season opened and many places were closed. One day we taxied over to Pythagoria (I believe is the name of the town). We concluded that it would have been a better place to hang out for the weekend than where we stayed. Lots of good food but Greek wine not so good at that time. Plenty of Mythos beer!
We did some hiking around the island and really enjoyed the down time. I am sure some aspects may have changed in 9 years but hopefully you will enjoy it!!

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Thank you for your advice. One more question: did you fly to Athens after R&R in Samos? If so, how was that experience? Thanks again, Hank

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I flew both to and from Samos from Athens last May , although not in connection with rick Steve’s tours.

It is a small airport but larger than some others on the Greek islands. Flight was unremarkable but there are only two flights a day.

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Thank you, Beth. The ability to fly from Samos to Athens makes the island attractive for a respite from our Turkey tour before seeing Athens and parts of mainland Greece independently. Hank, Novato Ca

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I have been to Samos Greek Island recently here is few things about Samos


According to archeological excavations, Samos is believed to have been inhabited during the Neolithic years (3rd millennium BC). The first colonists of the island were the Pelasgians who worshiped Hera, the Phoenicians, the Leleges and the Carians. The history of Samos was marked by famous personalities such as the astronomer Aristarchus, the first to argue that the sun was the center of the universe, the philosopher Epicurus, the fabled writer Aesop and the famous mathematician Pythagoras.

Top Destinations

Vathy village Samos
The capital of Samos is called Samos or Vathy and is situated around the bay in the north-east part of the island. It has a population of approximately 9,000 people, the majority of whom are tourists. Vathy is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of the hills overlooking the town of Samos. It is one of the oldest villages in Samos, with ancient Venetian, neoclassical and modern buildings. The beautiful landscape in which houses are built creates an attractive landscape.

Kokkari village Samos
Kokkari is a picturesque village 10 km northwest of Vathy, the capital of Samos, in a beautiful area full of vineyards, pine trees and olive trees. Kokkari is a popular coastal resort, which attracts visitors mainly because of its picturesque colour. It has many modern amenities, such as hotels and restaurants.

Karlovassi village Samos
Karlovassi is the second largest town in Samos and has a population of 5,000, mostly engaged in tourism and fishing. It's 32 km northwest of the town of Samos. The city of Karlovassi is located in one of the most fertile areas of Samos and consists of three settlements: the old city (at the port), the city center and the new city.

Pythagorio village Samos
This town is one of the most beautiful towns in Samos. It is 11 km southwest of Vathy. Pythagorio 's historic town has become an important tourist resort. Old and well-preserved houses with characteristic red towers, narrow alleys, cafes, restaurants and nice taverns make your summer vacation a lively and charming place.

Marathokambos village Samos
Marathokambos, a small village on the slopes of Mount Kerkis. It's a lovely place full of galleries, narrow streets and whitewashed houses that recalls the Cyclades. The population of 2500 is predominantly farmers and sailors. You can buy excellent olive oil and soap from Marathokambos. Ormos Marathokambou beach is close to the village and attracts thousands of visitors with its fine sand and crystal clear waters.

Top Beaches

Lemonakia beach Samos
Lemonakia is a protected bay 13 kilometers northwest of Vathy. It is partly organized with sun loungers and sun loungers and a beach bar with cold drinks and snacks. Its soft sand and crystal waters make it a very popular beach. It is also near to the beautiful green village of Samos, Kokkari, which attracts many tourists.

Psili Ammos beach Samos
It's a lovely place, untouched and quiet. Cliffs protect the beach from the wind and give naturists a nice sense of isolation and refuge. There are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas along the sandy coast. Two taverns are located on the road between the pine trees, close to the beach.

Tsamadou beach Samos
Tsamadou is one of the most beautiful beaches on Samos Island. Located about 3 km from Kokkari, Tsamadou is a beautiful bay, surrounded by lush greenery and crystal blue green water. A small path leads from the main road to this beautiful beach, lined with delicious taverns and few beach cafes.

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Hank, this is Lynda again. Yes, we flew from Samos into Athens to join the Greece tour. I think it was Olympia Airlines. Not sure what the schedule would be today but it was quite a good experience. Not a long flight. We also traveled from Kusadasi to Samos by ferry and it was a lovely trip. Have a great time! Turkey was a wonderful tour and learned a tremendous amount. Mine was our guide and she was fantastic!

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Thank you, rizosalva and Lynda. Samos seems like the perfect answer to wind down for a few days after our Turkey tour. The ease of flying to Athens is also a huge factor before beginning our independent journey in Greece. We are excited about the up coming trip. Thanks again, Hank, Novato, CA

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This past October, my wife & I traveled in Greece for 2 weeks before joining the RS tour of Turkey. (Recommend arriving in Istanbul the day before the tour.) Took the Meander ferry from Kusadasi to the port of Vathi on Samos. Through customs there and then a taxi to Pythagorio (about 20 euros and 20 minutes). Stayed 2 nights at Belvedere-Samos. Nice place, economical & the owner was great. Small room with a view but adequate. No meals as late in season. Owner arranged taxi to airport (about 10 euros and 12 minutes). We picked Pythagorio because our flight to Athens was early morning and airport is very close. Town was picturesque, delightful, friendly and quiet. Beach available but not checked out. Good food. Several sites of interest within walking distance. Town is a great place to "cool down" after tour. You will enjoy tour & Samos.

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Thank you, Larry. We are excited about Greece and Turkey. Hank, Novato CA