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Best island to stay on in Greece?

Do you have a favorite hotel or bnb experience from one of the islands of Greece? Places you'd go back to when you can travel again? Help us all dream of future trips. :)

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Our favorite hotel is on Naxos. We stayed at the Alkyoni Beach Resort on St. George Beach. Exceptional amenities: Well appointed rooms with a patio or lanai, swimming pool, excellent restaurant, & windsurfing... Gorgeous 10 minute walk to town. Our favorite restaurant was Nostimon Hellas (sitting in their garden!) We dream of staying there again.

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Hard to pick just one. Each Island has a personality, and to a degree, it needs to match yours, or at least how you plan to feel during that stay.

It has been long enough to not recommend specific hotels or rooms, but as for islands...

Mykonos is noisy, crowded, expensive, in places hedonistic, but fun for a bit of party and people watching. Maybe a better choice when I was younger, but I would go back to try and feel young again. I would try to stay on one of the quieter beaches near town, or at least within walking distance.

Naxos is big enough to avoid the crowds, and enough locals to find a place where they will for the most part ignore you and go about their business. A little more variety in landscape and things to see and do, you could be content relaxing or going about.

Crete has about everything, to the point I hardly consider it an Island, more a Country in itself. Have experienced downtime on the Southern beaches, History, wonderful scenic towns, rugged hiking and nature, all in the same week or two.

However, if I were to spend a week doing nothing, no history, no shopping, no tourist excursions, then I would head to Koufonisia. Some of the best beaches in Greece, just enough commerce to have some good restaurants, but little else. Even getting there on a small out of the way ferry slows you down and gets you in the right frame of mind. Maybe it has changed, things always do, probably not for the better, but willing to see.