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Athens and Santorini specific recommendations needed please. TIA

We are taking a cruise next month leaving out of Athens. We are going three days early to explore and are staying in the Thissio neighborhood right next to the Apostolou Pavlou. When we dock in Santorini, our ship is staying until 10pm, allowing us to view the sunset. However, there are 7 ships in port that day and I am aware it will be crowded and take quite a while to get down on the cablecar and tender back to the ship. I give all this information to ask the following questions:

  1. I did not purchase the breakfast through the "sm boutique" hotel in Athens since it seemed a bit expensive for the options. We will be heading out early each morning to explore. Are there good breakfast options in our area or should I purchase it through the hotel?

  2. In Santorini, we would like to relax and watch the sunset in Fira instead of fighting the crowds. I am aware this will not be an inexpensive option. I also realize that I will need to make reservations. Any ideas for restaurants with a sunset/caldera view and good food or even just drinks somewhere close to the cablecar? I don't know where to start.

Any other recommendations for food or drinks in either location or Mykonos would be greatly appreciated. TIA

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Just out of curiousity, I looked up the ships in port on July 31st. There are 7 ships, most quite large. I didn't do all the math, but a rough estimate put the possible passenger count around 12 thousand. Don't quote me; I need to check everything again.

I've visited Santorini before‚ with only three ships in port. I have no desire to visit that lovely island with it drowning in cruise visitors.

Not to your question, just a word of warning.


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Yes. It would not be my preference either but as we’ve already paid for the cruise, I don’t have a choice of the day or how many ships in port. We have never been to Santorini and are trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation. :)

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Check cruisemapper for the day you're in port to get an idea of the tourist load. Keep in mind that ship's schedules vary, so likely not all those people will be there at once.

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Are there any ship excursions still available to purchase? With that many people trying to get off the island after sunset, that would be the safest option.

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To answer your question about Athens. I am not familiar with the neighborhood where your hotel is located. During our three visits in Athens, we found that there are plenty of coffee/breakfast shops where you could stop for a quick meal. We generally skip the expensive hotel breakfast and stop along the way to a site or grab something from a grocery store. Be prepared for the heat and the crowds, Athens is a busy high density city.

We learned a valuable lesson last fall when going to our cruise ship. When leaving the airport a cruise ship representative told us the exact location of our ship. This was very helpful as the Athens port is huge and the taxi driver took us to the exact location. So be sure to ask the cruise line where your ship is docked to save time and frustration.


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@SimonTemplar - Yes, thank you. I hadn't thought about that but it does stand to reason that not all ships with stay the exact same hours on the island. :)

@TravelBug79 - Thank you so much for the recommendation. I will look into that location. :)

@Charlene - Yes, many excusions are available. However, all of them drop the participants off in Fira to make their way down the cable car on their own and back to their ship. Unfortunately, an excusion will help us upon arrival but not at the end of the day. :(

@lynne - Thank you so much for both of those valuable pieces of advise. I will call the cruise line tomorrow :)