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Adrianos Restaurant Athens - Avoid At All Costs

This restaurant was so awful I need to warn everyone. It is located off Adrianou at Thespidos 4 in Plaka, in Athens. One check of TripAdvisior and I would have saved myself from possibly the worst meal I have ever had.

From the outside the restaurant looked OK as it was full and it was off the main street (Adrianou) so I thought we were safe. Little did I know most of the people sitting down were waiters or bus boys (or who knows) just making the place look crowded. The prices on the menu looked a little higher than the rest but the restaurant had live music and they let people break plates (yes I should have known) so I figured why not. Huge mistake.

Anyway, we sit down and they bring over bread and water. It took forever to order. We order the house wine and it was undrinkable. I have them take it back and order a bottle but they never bring it until we are leaving (where I refused it). I forget what we ordered food wise but it was all horrible. Easily the worst meal I ate in Greece. Our table was next to some door to an apartment and all during the meal, the family of the workers were going in and out, bumping into my chair.

I check the bill and it turns out they charge you $7 per person just for the bread and water. For my family of five that's $35 euro just for sitting down! They also charged us for the undrinkable house wine we sent back. A German guy next to us got into a shouting match with the waiter about being overcharged. He refuses to pay and they call the cops. I was with my family so I just paid the bill and left.

If there is one good thing from this experience is that it has taught me to NEVER go to a restaurant while traveling without first checking online.

Avoid at all cost. If I can save one person from this tourist trap ripoff, I'll be happy.

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I did not eat at that restaurant, but when I was in Istanbul (with locals) we were brought what appeared to be some free appetizers. We were never asked and they were all just put on our table. There were about 6 of them and we were charged about $8 each. The people we were with got into a shouting match as well, but the amount had already been put on someone's credit card. They refused to change it! Bad business, but they don't care... they were busy with tourists