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Zugspitze hiking ?

I'm flying to Munich after Berlin Marathon on 28th and spending 6 nights at an airbnb before flying back to US on Oct 4th. I dont have specific plans yet. But one of the ideas that I'm excited about is hiking the Zugspitze.

  1. Do you know if the trails are hikable (open) at this time of the year ?
  2. Are there guided hiking companies I can hire or is it OK to do a solo hike ? I'm a reasonably experienced hiker and have done extensive hikes in US national parks. 3.Can I do it as a day hike. Start early and wrap it up by end of day. 4.Can you point me to good maps of both Reintal and Hollental routes ?
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Many websites but this is a start:

I am no expert but in the higher elevations 28 September into winter will see snow in higher elevations. We are currently enjoying a very warm September in Bavaria. I have not done that much hiking in the Zugspitz area.

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Trails are open this time of year, Jul-Sep are the peak times for hiking the Zugspitze. I have a colleague that hikes in the area and he uses the sites that mchpp suggested. Hiking the Zugspitze usually takes at least nine hours.

Technically you could do it alone but that is not good mountaineering practice. It's high enough to be dangerous even in the summer ( so hiking with a partner is recommended in case you get hurt someone can go for help. Definitely don't risk a hike in bad weather.