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Worms or Neckar Valley?

We will be repositioning (driving) from Bacharach to Bad Wimpfen during our upcoming trip and planned on spending a big part of the day driving along the Neckar Valley from Heidelberg to Bad Wimpfen stopping at interesting locations along the way (not Heidelberg we'll be spending a day there later), but it has been pointed out to me that along the Autobahn to Heidelberg we pass close to Worms and maybe we should visit.

I would personally rather see the countryside/river views but maybe simply driving along the river will be enough?

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Worms may have a very long history, but very little of it shows. Most of what you see in the city dates from post-WWII rebuilding. It's not a bad town, but it's far from the most attractive or interesting in the area. If you'll be on the west bank of the Rhine in that area, Alzey, Speyer, Bad Dürkheim, Neustadt and Landau are all more attractive... particularly Speyer. The Neckar valley is much more scenic, though.

"but maybe simply driving along the river will be enough?" Are you referring to the Neckar or the upper Rhine with this statement? Unlike the Mittelrhein, there's no one road that follows the whole river south of Bingen on the west bank. And the views from the A61 Autobahn are nothing special. But if you meant the Neckar... yes, that's a very scenic drive from Heidelberg to Bad Wimpfen.

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I was referring to the drive along the Neckar. I would like to spend some hours stopping at interesting locations along the Neckar Valley and seeing more of that area rather than simply driving through it - but someone suggested visiting Worms instead - because of the history. I'm glad to hear that the town is not that interesting.

I'll stick with the original plan - more Neckar, less Worms :-)