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Wieskirche Concert is a "Must See"

We spent over two weeks in Germany and Austria last year and the undisputed highlight of the trip was a Sunday evening classical concert at Wieskirche. There are only a few dates for these concerts each year (in 2023 there are roughly one a month in late-April through late-July plus a couple more dates in the fall ). I can not encourage you strongly enough to attend one of these: the mixture of the wonderful classical music (ours featured a Vivaldi concerto) and the wonderful Rococo church made this event unforgettable. If you're planning on visiting Wieskirche any time this spring or summer, I would recommend re-arranging your schedule so you make it to one of those concerts!

One note is that information about these concerts are not linked on their English language website. The direct link to the concert season website (in German) is We had no issues ordering tickets from the U.S. last year and were able to pick them up on the day of the concert.

Happy travels!

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Hey, Mark. Thanks for sharing so enthusiastically about your experience. Glad you enjoyed it!