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My father was in the occupying forces after WW II and I was born in Wiesbaden in 1948. I am excited to finally have the opportunity to see my birthplace. We have a 3 day layover in Frankfurt--any suggestions for an itinerary? We are certainly open to visiting nearby cities and we plan to take a walking tour of Frankfurt. Would staying in Wiesbaden be a good idea or is it better to stay in Frankfurt and take some day trips? Thanks for your help.

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Lived in Wiesbaden down at the river and still like it, e.g. places like Biebrich Palace or the view from Neroberg. You can spend easy a whole day.

Some tips:

  • Frankfurt has a lot of museums.
  • Mainz on the other Rhine side is also worth to explore, a very old town.
  • Close wine region Rheingau has some very nice places such as Eltivlle & Erbach, Schloss Johannisberg and finally Rüdesheim.
  • The close Mid Rhine valley is often used by tourists for a boat tour to watch castles.

Have a good time.

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Both Mainz and Wiesbaden are easy to get to from each other and from Frankfurt by local train. Since you flying in/out of Frankfurt, it makes the most sense to stay there. There are good hotel choices within walking distance of the train station. And there's plenty to see and do in Frankfurt as well.

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Why does it make most sense to stay in Frankfurt? FRA airport is directly connected by S-Bahn from Mainz and Wiesbaden. No need to stay in Frankfurt for that reason.

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Just heading to the train out to Wiesbaden - Biebrich . Will visit the palace as it is close to the river . Going to pay a visit to a small workshop close by , that built the instrument I play . Have wanted to see the atelier since the 1960's . Should be very interesting . -

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ervlynn, MarkK is right. Why stay in one place when you really want to visit another? Wiesbaden is a large city with plenty of the usual attractions to see, and access to the Rhine Valley area. If a big part of the reason you are going is because it is your birthplace, then there is all the more reason to actually stay there.

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If you have a car you can easily visit the Rhein-Main-Therme in nearby Hofheim am Taunus which I visited last month and find one of the better ones of the type.

If you like old trains or old methods of transport there is the fun funicular on the north side of Wiesbaden called the Nerobergbahn which uses the original carriages and only the gravity produced by 4,000 to 7,000 litres of water to propel the carriages which also have cogwheels, the same as when it was invented in 1888. City buses go to the valley station so you don't need a car. The ride is only 5 € up and back.