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On pg 3, where the schedule starts with Cochem Bhf at 9:15, the stop for Beilstein is at 9:31, Ellenz-Poltersdorf-Ellenz, Moselfähre. There is a ferry across the Mosel at Beilstein.

If that bus goes into Ellenz, you might have to take the ferry across to Beilstein. I know there is (was) another bus from Cochem that stopped on the Beilstein side of the river (I took it in 2008).

Yeah, it looks like that's what you'll have to do, take the ferry across from the Ellenz H.S. There no longer seems to be a bus coming from Cochem on that side of the Mosel. When I did it in 2008, the bus crossed the river on a bridge at Cochem, wandered around on the land across from Cochem before heading up the river to Beilstein. No more.

If you had started with the timetable information page on the VRM website, and put in "Beilstein" as the destination (Ziel), it would have given you three stops to pick from near Beilstein, one of which is the ferry from Ellenz-Poltersdorf.

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Thank you.

Would you know where I can find the timetable for the ferry?

(Would the ferry fare be included with the 9Euro ticket?)

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What about the 716 bus, Senheim - Beilstein - Cochem, which you can find here.

About the ferry--I do not know this one, but generally the small ones are not included in any transportation tickets, so far as my experience has shown me. They usually run pretty often, at least a few times an hour. If there is a precise schedule of this one online, though, I did not find it.

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I don't know why bus 716 didn't come up yesterday when I was looking for Cochem to Beilstein, but that definitely looks like the bus I took in Nov, 2008.

I came to the Cochem area, arriving on Thursday evening, with three objective, to see Bernkastel, Zell, and Cochem. The first two I did on Friday, Bernkastel for lunch and Zell for dinner. On Saturday I went into Cochem, toured the castle, and did a wine tasting at the vineyard across the parking lot from the Bahnhof.

So, with nothing else planned, on Sunday I decided to see Beilstein, since I had heard so much about it. Understanding that the bus schedule might have changed in 14 years, I took an early bus (now 9:01) to Beilstein (9:21). That Beilstein is a very small town is an understatement. It was raining, so I took shelter in a restaurant, I think it was call Kaffee Mühle (there were old coffee mills all over the walls). After a while I ventured out up to the castle on the hill, but it was closed for the season, so I came back into town and explored the church. I guess it doesn't take long to examine a church. I had only been there ;ess than two hours and I had seen everything I think there is to see in Beilstein.

I spent the rest of my time in Beilstein just bidding my time and trying to stay dry. The bus finally came back after 4 hours and I returned to Cochem.

Lesson learned, in German, try to avoid using buses on weekends, particularly Sundays. Compared to weekdays, the schedules are often sparse.

So I guess my impression of Beilstein is having little to see, and my being cold and wet.