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Which first? Neuschwanstein or Ehrenberg Castle?

I so much appreciated the great tips I got a few days ago about some of the finer points I have been trying to work out on a June 2022 trip to Munich and the southern Bavaria area! Back with one more…

We are staying in Garmisch for part of the trip and planned to take one day to see Neuschwanstein from the outside (no inside tour) and do the Ehrenberg Castle in Reutte. I think my kids (14 and almost 11 by then) will really like the latter and how you can wander around in the ruins (plus the bridge).

I had planned to do Neuschwanstein first to help with crowds and to arrive at the parking lot there at 9. We would then hit Reutte after lunch in Fussen so around 2 probably. It looks like that is a busy time at the ruins though - we would be going most likely on a Thursday.

Thoughts on how busy the ruin and bridge area really get? Is it worth flipping the order so we can experience the ruins without a ton of people there?

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I've not been to Ehrenberg Castle. Having done the Neuschwanstein tour, I can see merit in just viewing it from the outside. A lot of it is empty and it's never been lived in. However, right across the street, is Hohenschwangau. Actually lived in and furnished. The tour provides so much insight into the family and "Mad King" Ludwig. We really enjoyed it. I'm sorry I didn't answer your specific question, but that's my 2 cents.

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Neuschwanstein will be really crowded in the middle of the day, too. If you want a good picture of the castle from the outside, you want to hit the bridge at the top early. I actually really enjoyed the tour of Neuschwanstein, and if you book a set time it's not a problem to get it in; it's not that long. But I have heard Hohenschwangau is better.

I would also then hike down through the gorge rather than going down the path. Much prettier, not long, and less crowded.

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Was not familiar with Ehrenberg Castle until your post. Have toured both Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein and they are both great experiences. If you going there you may as well see and tour them both as well as Ehrenberg. Why not?

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We tourned all 3 calstles/ruins in 2018 and really enjoyed all of them. We took the tours of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau in the morning, had lunch by the lake and then took the Tegelberg cable car up and hiked around in the afternoon, So it seems very doable to instead to go to Ehrenberg Castle ruins, bridge and Fort Claudia in the afternoon. Ehrenberg was very interesting and I loved the suspension bridge (but my husband did not), so I did not explore Fort Claudia or Schlosskoph Fortress. It was busy, but not overwhelming so and there are areas to get away from the crowds. The N and H castle area was much busier! Have a wonderful time, we loved the area!

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Hi Shawna-
I too have experienced all 3 castles and agree that the outside views of Neuschwanstein are superior to anything at the other 2 sites. Now I must admit that the Erenberg Ruins experience occurred before the footbridge was built and it was really disappointing. It was also a little dangerous if you were not in reasonably good physical shape. We were the only folks at the ruins during the middle of the day on a weekend. Erenberg may have been "upgraded" when the footbridge was completed but I personally will never bother to return.

Have a great trip !!!

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I agree that a visit inside Hohenschwangau is worthwhile, and if you want a photo of Neuschwanstein from the bridge, the earlier the better. Like Andrew, our only visit to Ehrenburg was before the footbridge, and there were very few visitors there. My clearest memory was the hike up - it almost did me in.

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Thank you all! Based on the feedback I’ll leave my order alone and do Neuschwanstein first.