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What is the place with the complicated instructions for entry?

I have been reading The Best of Europe. I am sure I saw some complicated instructions for a particular place, I thought in Berlin, now I cannot find. You had to watch a board for your number and enter while it was displayed.

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I think you need to give us some more information. What board? Airport? Train station? Perhaps a description of this particular place? There are a 1000 places in Germany that could be complicated to get to.

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Sorry, some type of museum or exhibit or building to tour. Nothing to do with travel.

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I haven't been to Berlin, but that sounds like any place in Germany (or elsewhere?) where there are reserved 'timed entries'. In other words, you purchase your ticket that allows you to enter during a specific 15-minute period. So, you stand around with other people waiting for your entry time slot to show up on the display board.

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It's not in Berlin but I believe that's how a visit to Neuschwanstein works. Your tour number is printed on the ticket that you purchase and when you get up to the castle you wait in the courtyard until your number is displayed on a sign.

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I think he might be talking about visiting the Reichstag dome in Berlin.

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Just wondering - fuzz - what's the purpose of the question? Have you been to the place with the instructions? Are you going?

Have you tried re-reading the book?