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What is a UPS store equivalent in Dresden area?

Edit: all is good!

I did some gift shopping in Seiffen. None of the stores ship.

The local DHL store is closed.

Edit: it hadn’t yet closed permanently as we were told. Lucky for us they had three boxes left- enough for our gifts. Whew. I will post cost as soon as we go back to the store

It is quite different here. It’s a mini DHL store. A tiny counter tucked in a back corner of a mini mart type store.

Google translate is getting me through the paperwork!

I need to have this stuff packed and shipped back to states.

For those of you who are familiar, what is a UPS store or equivalent I should be looking for? Pack up, box up and shipping service all in one stop.

Thank you.

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Mo, is the stuff fragile? I really fear for disappointing results, at high cost. Most Europeans I know buy a new, cheap, suitcase in the US because it's cheaper to pay for an extra checked bag than to ship their non-VAT cheap clothing purchases home.

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Have you checked for other DHL stores? Many towns have at least a couple of them, or a neighboring town should as well. Worst case, can you take them to Dresden to a DHL there?

I sent a large box back home when I was in Nuremberg and while it was costly (around €50-55), it was worth the price. The package arrived about 3-4 weeks later, safe and sound with no damage.

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Off hand I don't know where a post office is located in Dresden but I know of several locations of post offices in Berlin. plus Potsdam. That could be an option, especially if you're going to Berlin anyway. If not, you might want to do that.

There is a post office across from Bahnhof Zoo, one at Berlin Friedrichrichstrasse station, one at Berlin Ostbahnhof, a DH outlet in Potsdam Hbf. (top floor), one at Berlin Allexanderplatz station, and, of course , one in Frankfurt Hbf, on the way to the Post Straße exit.

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There is a big DHL store very centrally located at Wallstraße in Dresden, visible from the tram between stops Prager Straße and Postplatz (going to Postplatz on the left side on the ground floor in the new building next to the small park with playground).

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In Dresden you will find several UPS stores via google. Maybe you like UPS more than DHL.

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Thx everyone. It was a little stressful for a moment

We had planned on visiting Seiffen on way to Prague. We believe in shopping local and authentic. This area has numerous shops where everything is made locally, or at the very least, made in Germany. It’s a 365 day Christmas market. It’s definitely off the beaten path, but worth the trip. Very rural area but incredible charm. A car is a must to get here. Not a lot of English spoken but google translate, a smile and some basics got us through the most part.

So My husband and I went shopping, bought a bunch of gifts, knowing there was a DHL store in Seiffen. We then realized that the local DHL office is a tiny desk with limited hours and staff. We bought the last 3 boxes the proprietor had this day.

My mistake in not scoping out and realizing that just because a place is part of a worldwide shipping operation, availability of packaging may be limited.

Everything we bought had it’s own box. Whew! We used shopping bags, a drindl and liederhosen (from Oktoberfest in Munich) so no bubble wrap or filler was necessary. It worked!

Cost 172 euro. We bought authentic, had an adventure and thankfully an excellent exchange rate. We are ok with the cost of shipping. Part of the experience. Not all places shipped. Many are literally mom and pop shops. Only 1 shop was able to ship for us - convenience but similar cost as DHL.

It all worked out. Just roll with the punches, and thank you all for helping us formulate plan B.

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Mo R

Congrats for snooping out Seiffen! Very authentic decorations, and as you know, made locally by small, family run businesses. You'll treasure these items for years to come.