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what happened?

I posted a new item (Dress code in Munich) a few days ago and it is not included in this topic list. Why? I doesn't matter much since I received quite a few responses from other travelers thru emails from Rick Steves and they answered my question very well. Before that one I posted "Church dress code". That one was here and received good answers. I have used this forum many times and your comments were always very helpful, but this was the first time that my topic wasn't posted. This is a fantastic tool. THANKS TO ALL.

That’s because you posted it in the England forum accidentally. It’s still there, with several answers, which is why you’ve been getting emails to tell you people have responded.

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For future reference, you can find your posts even if you forget which forum they are in. Just click on your own name and go to your profile. There you will see a link to all posts by alvacorp, whether they start a topic or reply to someone else.