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well located lodging in the black forest?

We are a family of 4, so ideally a family room, but two doubles will work in a pinch. We are flying into Zurich, so driving up from there, then the next day, will visit Europa Park, and the final full day will be exploring either more black forest, or Alsace. I'm either striking out with places not being open yet (I need early April of this year), or not having the room type availableand so on. We'd love a farm stay, or at least something not downtown of a bigger City like Freiburg--we live in a large City now (but looking like that is more likely). Ideally close to at least one place we want to see (but don't want to really stay in Rust as those places are likely too centered on the amusement park). Everything in the black forest appears to be a 40 min. drive from anywhere tho', so maybe Rust is the way to go so as not to have to drive at least one day? Ugh! Anyone care to talk me through this, or have a specific accommodation they can vouch for?

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Yes - almost everything in the Black Forest is a 40 minute drive:) - if you are planning to spend a day in Rust it might make sense to make your base there. I would usually not recommend to stay there, but: The hotels at Europa Park are pretty nice and they do offer family rooms. In April you will not run into masses of other tourists. From Rust you can easily hop on the autobahn - and then be in either the Northern or Southern Black Forest in less than 40 minutes. It is not an idyllic Black Forest location but you can easily get to such a location if you take a short drive. It is also a convenient location if you want to tour Alsace. Or head back to Zurich.