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Ways to get from Munich to Fuessen after a long flight from the U.S.

We are flying to Munich from California in September and have decided to book a room in Fuessen due to Munich being rather booked on the first Saturday of Oktoberfest. What is the recommended route from Munich International to Fuessen for a flight arrival of 5:15 p.m.? Train? If so, how far is the train station from the airport? Is renting a Car easy or more difficult? Which is the faster of the two? This is our first trip to Europe, therefore we do not have any experience driving on roads outside of the U.S.


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Don't even try driving this on your first day, first time in Europe, after a long flight from California. You will be too jet lagged to do this safely. Take the train. The trip might last a little longer, but it's easy enough.

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"We", how many? You can travel using a Bayern Ticket for 23 euro for the first person and 4 euro for each additional person up to 5 traveling together. Best connection is at 6:51 pm with a single change in Munich, getting to Fuessen at 9:58 pm. If you miss that, there is the last one is at 8:24 pm. You can take the first available train from the Munich airport station to Munich Hauptbahnhof and wait there for the connection to Fuessen. Schedule at Your ticket will cost an extra 2 euro if you buy from the ticket window rather than the vending machine.

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We have 4 adults. Thanks for the tips. I checked out and found the tickets you mentioned using the Bayern pass, total is $29 for the 4 of us! Now, the website does state that the Bayern pass is good from 18:00-6:00 the next morning, however the first out of Munich International to the train station leaves at 17:51. The website says that the pass is the cheapest to get, but do you think it will be a problem? I don't want my first experience in Europe to be kicked off a bus because my ticket wasn't good for 9 more minutes! Thanks.

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Travel by train will be the easiest method, especially after a long flight. However, it's going to take about three hours to get from the airport to Füssen, so hopefully you'll be able to manage that while jet lagged.

After collecting luggage and going through Passport control, you'll first need to take the S1 or S8 S-Bahn trains from the airport to Munich main station (Hbf). The trip is about 45 minutes as I recall. The next leg will be from Munich Hbf to Füssen, which will be about a two hour trip, possibly with one change (depending on which train you manage to connect with). Again, use the website to check all the details.

As this is your first trip to Europe, you may have some apprehension about rail travel (ie: how do I find the correct train, etc.). You may find it helpful to have a look at THIS short video as it covers some of the information you'll need to know.

I'll leave the details on which tickets to buy to Lee or the others as they know the German rail system better than I do. One important point to mention is that someone on this Forum was fined on the S-Bahn not too long ago for some kind of infraction, but I can't remember what the offence was (possibly travelling with an unvalidated ticket?). Hopefully one of the others can provide the details on that.

Happy travels!

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The ticket you mentioned is called a Night Ticket and is available after 6 pm, and is the best deal. If by some miracle, you land on time, deboard the plane, get through passport control, collect your luggage, and find your way to the airport train station in 30 minutes, you would just get the day ticket. It costs 4 euro per extra person, rather than the 2 euro per extra. Then you could take the 5:51 pm S bahn into Munich. So that would be 35 euro total vs 29 euro using the night ticket after 6 pm.

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If you want to leave the airport before 6 PM using the Bayern-Ticket Nacht, purchase an MVV ticket to cover your travel until 6.

For example, the 17:51 S1 from the airport goes to Neufahrn bei Freising and leaves there after 6 PM. It's only one stop between the airport and Neufahrn, so a Kurzstrecke (short trip) ticket at 1,30€ per adult will cover your travel until the Bayern-Ticket Nacht is valid.

Bayern-Tickets-Nacht come with the validity date stamped on them, so it is not necessary to cancel them. The Kurzstrecke ticket will have to be canceled. Tickets that have to be canceled have the words "Hier entwerten" printed on one end. Put that end of the ticket, printing up, in the canceling machine (it's probably on the platform).

The earlier (17:44) S8 is already in the inner zone of Munich at 6 PM, so you would need a Partner Gesamtnetz Tageskarte, for 20,30€ for four adults along with the Bayern-Ticket-Nacht, so it would be less expensive to just go with the straight Bayern-Ticket for 35€.