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Wartburg Castle

We are arriving via train from Frankfurt 11/5 in Eisenach at 13:09. I read we can store our luggage at the train
station in order to visit Wartburg Castle. Plan to take a taxi up (realize there is still a bit of a walk up after
the taxi ride) and afterwards walk back to the train station in Eisenach. Wondering about how long it will take
(no tour just independently seeing it). Any tips are welcomed. Thanks in advance for your input.

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We did the same thing this May but without luggage storage. We arrived at about noon, jumped into a taxi and went up to the castle. We spent about 3 hours covering as much as we could before walking back down to the square then train station. When we did our German train travel planning, we always bought a fixed time for departure but chose a flexible fare for our return journey in case we needed more or less time at a site. Be sure to see the gorgeous, communist era glass arrival hall windows at the station. There is still an autowerks factory, Opel, on the edge of town but it doesn’t look very active these days. As you approach the town before Eisenach you may spot remnants of the 1km green border between the former East and West Germany. There are a few barricade remnants and a sign there. Enjoy!

EDIT: you may want to check the sunset time for early November. The path down the hill is a bit gravely and I’m not sure how well lit it is in the forested parts. It was well marked and had informational signs for part of the way. It took us about 30 minutes to walk down I think.

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Thank you for the last tip. Had not thought about that at all.

Do you think there would be taxis there if we wanted to use one back?

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When I visited Wartburg in 2015 there were buses running from town. I don't know the frequency, however.

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We didn’t see any taxis waiting near the castle exit when we were there. We knew about the bus but thought by the time it came to the stop we would be almost down the hill on foot. There was a schedule posted at the bus stop. We had also planned to stop at the “famous” bratwurst food truck at the beginning of the downhill path but they were just closing…

In November things could have different hours/schedules. You might want to take your uphill taxi person’s number or card and /or ask them to pick you up at the same spot at a specific time based on when the castle closes.