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Warnemunde to Berlin Train

I am taking the Baltic Cruise next September and am trying to figure out the best shore excursions for me.

First question I have is about the Port at Warnemunde. I am thinking of taking the excursion to Berlin. I love trains but it sounds like a long trek.

What is the train trip like? I am aware that there is no air conditioning but that should not be a problem the third week of September. I think that I will be able to sleep going and coming back.

Question: Is the trip going to Berlin pretty and or interesting? What are the morning snacks like and is there anything to eat on the train returning to port?

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You have the choice between train and bus.

From: Warnemünde Werft
To: Berlin (either Hbf main station, Friedrichstrasse or Alexanderplatz, depends on your plans)

By train you will need to switch at Rostock Hbf where you can buy something to eat and drink. You will easily find a bakery with bread rolls based sandwiches. Same at all stations in Berlin where you start your way back. Have some Euro in cash available. Personal tip: If you start your way back from Berlin Hbf stop at Kaffee Einstein; they have sandwiches made of dark wholemeal bread. Coffee is good there, too.

it sounds like a long trek ... Is the trip going to Berlin pretty and or interesting?

It's a 3-hour trip through flat green countryside. So, nice for a sleep or let the landscape just passing by.

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To make it short: forget Berlin. It takes forever to get there, and Berlin is huge and spread out, and wasn't built to impress at first sight like Paris.
It makes much more sense to explore the shore, which is the most popular German holiday destination.... and not just because of the great beaches and beautiful nature, but also because of the preserved historic towns, quaint fishermens villages, medieval churches and posh 19th century seaside resorts.

There is a highly rated company called Friends of Dave, which offers very interesting tours in the area:
IMHO the best one is the "Mega Mecklenburg Tour", which offers a bit of everything: medieval Hanseatic town, fairytale castle, seaside resort, and German dinner + cafe and cake.

It's also possible to do a trip on your own, to Schwerin, Wismar or Stralsund, which would cost you less than 30€ for two. Or you could see the minster of Bad Doberan, one of the most beautiful churches of the Baltics, and take a nostalgic steam train, which crosses the centre of Bad Doberan, to the first seaside resort on the continent.

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I think it would be necessary to invite you, Martin, to Berlin. I fully disagree on your Berlin statement.

Berlin has the same potential for immediate "wow" than Paris. And yes, Berlin is huge but you can have easily have an immediate great time in Berlin: with a 5 kilometres walk from Hbf to Alexanderplatz you can cover 7 of Berlin's recommended top 10 plus piece of Berlin Wall and back 3 stations by public trains (AB Short trip ticket). Alternatively take a HoHo bus tour from / to Hbf and let yourself getting around.

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You have to catch the train in Rostock for Berlin. If you arrive in Berlin Hbf by noon or a bit afterwards at the latest, the trip to Berlin is certainly doable,(I would it), it is less than 3 hrs between Rostock and Berlin... it's a direct connection.

Better to get the snacks at Rostock Hbf. As to the scenery, I find it very interesting in north eastern Germany with its massive birch tree forests, which you don't see in the west, and flat terrain...all part of the North German Plain, (Norddeutsche Ebene).

From Berlin Hbf you can take the S-Bahn to Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse, a nice place to have lunch, and walk over to the Brandenburg Gate and Pariser Platz.

Or, going with the S-Bahn east to Alexanderplatz and beyond.

Or, you can take the U-Bahn from Hbf to the Brandenburg Gate.

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Thank you for your responses.

The cruise that I signed up for includes $100 off of shore excursions so I will probably stay with Norwegian Cruise Line excursions.

NCL books a luxury train to Berlin and so we go straight from the port to Berlin where we transfer to motorcoaches for our tour. The shore excursion includes a snack on the train but they do not tell you what the snack is.

I would be touring Berlin by motorcoach and would probably love Berlin from what I have read of the tour but the three hour trek going to Berlin and three hours returning to the port exhausts me just thinking about it.

I have been considering taking a shore excursion closer to the port and I have read the wonderful reviews about Friends of Dave but, as I have said, my amenities include $100 off of my shore excursions so I will probably stay with NCL.

I love some of the excursions from Warnemunde but Berlin seems to be the highlight.

My cruise is not until September so I have plenty of time to mull it over.

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I checked The Friends of Dave link you posted and looked at the excursion you recommended. it sounds great but I am a senior citizen and feel that it would be a little too much for me. I need an excursion that is less demanding physically.

NCL offers some good excursions but not quite a full day like Dave does. However,as I also said, I get $100 off of any shore excursion as an amenity. NCL offers day excursions to all the places that you recommended but i have to make a choice. I loved the google maps.

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Phil, what is the price for NCL excurion to Berlin?

Pretty sure tha the 100 bucks off is still far over than doing yourself a trip :-)

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The excursion that I am considering costs about $305 minus the $100 so it will cost me $205. This includes a direct train to Berlin with snack. I get a 3 hour motorcoach tour of Berlin and then I am dropped off at Gendarmenmarkt Square to do my own thing for the next 3 hours. A motorcoach will then take me back to the train station for the trip back to the port.

There is another one. Same train and same snack but when you get to Berlin, you get a motorcoach tour of the top 10 attractions of Berlin with some picture taking opportunities. This one is a full six hours long and you get lunch.

This one costs about $355 and minus my $100 would cost me about $255. There are two reviews and they are both on the negative side. One person said it was exhausting and demanding because you go - go - go. The other said that you only see Berlin from the bus.

My situation is that I am going to be 74 years old and I can not walk or stand long periods of time. I can do some walking but .... so it would be best to go through NCL

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Well, it's not my money but the DIY version will save more than 50%, even more if you find people who join the train ride. With a HoHo bus tour you will get around without walking yourself, you can directly enter the bus round tour near Berlin Hbf (main station).

1 day Bahn ticket: 44 EUR (valid from 9 am).
Hop-on-hop-off bus tour: 22 EUR
Total: 66 EUR plus food & beverages on your choice.

Feel free to choose other bus tour provider.

Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy Berlin in late summer.

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NCL books a luxury train to Berlin

That's not a luxury train, it's a normal local (!) train and not even a modern one (no AC, contrary to the regular RE from Rostock to Berlin). +) Just google for "Sonderzug 13290" to see what it is like. I'd do what MarkK recommends - doing it on your one with an QDL train ticket.

+) BTW, it's described as a "standard train" on the NCL website.

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sla 019

you are right. I checked the shore excursion and the train is described as "exclusively chartered standard train" . I think that I was fooled by "exclusively chartered" but I may have heard the words luxury used somewhere else.

Thank you for your feedback.