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Walking Around Oberammergau

I've been unable to find a suggested walking/strolling route around Oberammergau that includes the major Lüftlmalerei houses and a brief description of each...something more detailed than "cute", "colorful", etc.

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I've never looked for a formal walking route around Oberammergau. I thought it was quite a small town and easy (and relatively quick) to get around on foot. I went particularly slowly because of looking at all the wood carvings (I enjoy wood carvings) in so many of the windows.

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Check with the tourist office to see if they have a map

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For the tourist office's map, go to this webpage and click on "Ortsplan". It takes a few seconds to load the PDF map.

Before I went to Oberammergau in 2007, I downloaded a map from the town website. It seems it was better than the one on the website today. I think now I would just use the one on Google Maps.

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Lee! Thank you so much for your very helpful suggestion! Although the descriptions of each house are rather brief, at least I can connect the house locations and create my own walking tour for our grandchildren! I’m very grateful for your reply!