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Visiting Germany from Canada

I have read so many things on entry requirement to Germany that my head is spinning. Planning on take a trip to Germany in mid October. Fully vaccinated Canadian. Direct flight to FRA from Toronto.
From what i have read we do not need a test to enter Germany, just proof of my vaccine which is accepted. It seems I dont have to fill out a digital registration form since I am not from an area of concern. I am correct so far?
Will I be able to eat indoor with my vaccine certificate? Will I need to get tested to enter France and return to Germany. I am going to the Black Forest and Alsace.

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I have read so many things on entry requirement to Germany that my head is spinning.

Just look at the relevant page of the German embassy in Canada.

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thank you slay019, it confirms my research and a lot more concise.

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I flew from Vancouver to Berlin via Munich on September 6th. At that time fully vaccinated Canadians didn't need a test or to complete the digital locator form. As far as I know that still holds. The airline, Munich immigration and my first hotel were all absolutely fine with my BC card (we didn't even have QR codes then) but just to avoid issues I took my passport and vaccine card to a pharmacy and they issued me with QR codes which are certified by the Robert Koch institute here. I've had to show the certificates for a variety of things: bus tour, museums, restaurants, concerts - sometimes they check the date of the second vaccination but not always. Not sure about France though. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

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Just be aware that regulations change all the time, depending on the situation. What is true now may not be true in mid-October, so you'll have to keep checking.