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Vintners along Rhine/Mosel

Will have 4 days in May in the Rhine and Mosel Valley, any vintners not to miss.

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I did a river cruise on the Rhine and Mosel in fall 2012 and very much enjoyed our wine tasting at the Dr. Thanisch winery in Bernkastel-Kues. Before that trip I thought I didn't like Riesling... turned out I just needed to try a few more!

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This website will give you a calendar of events going on in the area plus other resources.
Most vintners are still mom & pop operations. A couple acres of grapes on the hillside, grape press in the basement, small tractor and cart, fermenting tanks, bottling apparatus, labels applied by hand. Each town will have its own "brand" based on locally grown grapes. "Zeller Schwartze Katz", which comes from the town of Zell, is an example.

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It's not like the wine estates you see in Italy, France or California. Most vitners grow their grapes on public-access land (you can actually walk through most of the vineyards as you please), then they used shared facilities in the town to juice the fruit and ferment the wine. You usually find the finished product sold under a town label, not the individual's brand.