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VGN ticket Rothenburg to Nurnberg

Another train question from a bewildered Atlantan. (We have 2 train lines in a city of 6 million...)

Tues, Dec 4, 4 adults. RT from Rothenburg to Nurnburg and back. I have seen the VGN ticket mentioned. Don't really understand the pricing. Can somebody please explain. Thank you!

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You buy 2 TagesTicket Plus for 20.30 EUR each. Each ticket allows up to 2 adults unlimited travel for a day in the entire VGN area. Buy them at a ticket machine at the station. So that way it will cost a shade more than 10 EUR per person for round trip ticket. While in Nuremberg, you can also use the local transport system, U-Bahn and buses. Both people on the same ticket must be traveling together. Write the names on the back of the ticket in ink

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Thank you, Sam! I thought I needed 2 tickets, but wasn't certain. Didn't know it also works for local transport in Nurnburg.

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"Write the names on the back of the ticket in ink"

Nowadays, ever more vgn ticket machines require you to type in the names onscreen before they print out the ticket.