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Vegan or vegetarian fare in Germany and Austria

How hard will it be for someone on a restricted diet - no dairy or animal fats. Seafood okay, but probably not much of that in Germany or Austria? Will we have trouble finding eating establishments to cater to our needs? Our itinerary isn't complete, but want to go to some of RS's favorite spots - Bacharach, Füssen, Munich, Rothenburg, Munich, Halstatt, Vienna, and several smaller towns which I've yet to research. We just got back from Normandy, Brittany and Paris and it was a cinch. Great fallback for us, besides all the seafood, was the availability of smoked salmon everywhere. Thanks for your help. (By the way, I did my due diligence and searched for 'vegan' and got 'he came in through the window' or something like that. 'Vegetarian' doesn't work because I can't do dairy.)

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I am not a vegan, but have traveled in Germany with someone who is.
There was never a problem in ordering food. If there are no vegan dishes on the menu, simply ask the server to have the kitchen prepare whatever is it that you'd like to eat.