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Vegan in Germany, is it possible?

My wife is for the most part a vegetarian with the eating of the occasional fish and seafood. Do any of you know if restaurants have vegetarian - type dishes? Even pasta would be work.

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Most menus in German restaurants will have at least one vegetarian option. Vegan (no dairy products either) will be a little more difficult.
Vegetarian restaurants are also common. Try doing a Google search for: vegetarisches restaurant {name of town you are staying in}

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Vegan in restaurants serving traditional German food can be difficult, but not impossible. But vegan options elsewhere are easy to find.

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I was on the RS21 day BOE last Fall. We spent 3 nights in Germany and 2 in Austria. I am vegan and did not have a problem. It's just like eating at any restaurant, you scope out the menu before you go in. In Bacharach, the hotel owner actually had a vegan seitan stroganoff on the menu. I'm not a huge fan of seitan but she was so proud of her dish who could refuse??

I did print out some I am vegan translations for the various countries I visited which helped altho most servers were proficient enough in English and understood what I needed. I found most everyone very helpful.

I am traveling so can't give you links to the translation cards but I think they were from the Toronto Vegetarian Association.

Have a wonderful time!

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My daughter is vegan but was a vegetarian for several years before that. Germany is actually quite easy to dine in as there are so many local specialties and lots of local produce on offer. Being vegetarian and vegan is very popular right now. In my neighborhood in Frankfurt there are at least 5 Vegan restaurants and one Vegan grocery store. Most grocery stores carry a decent variety of vegan and vegetarian products.

If you are on Facebook, most cities have vegetarian or vegan FB pages. That might be worth looking at. You don't say where you are going, so tell us and we might have even more suggestions.

Try this website too:

The produce right now is gorgeous as we have had an excellent growing year. There are wonderful Farmers markets in most cities.

Potatoes are king, but make sure you get some spätzle with cheese and fried onions. Try some Flammkuchen, or Risotto with Pfifferlingen (chanterelles) If you are in Frankfurt or near by, try the Frankfurt Green Sauce over potatoes. Perhaps some potato pancakes or rosti with applesauce or garlic sauce? Honey waffles? Mushroom wraps?

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Thanks guys, we will be in the Rhine area for a few days, then over to Rothenburg ob de Tauber and then to Frankfurt for a day. My wife is not completely vegan as she does consume dairy as well as pastas. Its is nice to know that she has options besides the abundance of pork Germany is so famous for.

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Vegetarian isn't traditional, but you will find options everywhere. I'd just ask for recommendations at your lodging.

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Vegan is a bit more tricky, although not impossible. But vegetarian is pretty easy. Almost every restaurant has one or two vegetarian options. Also if you google "vegetarisches Restaurant" + the town or city name you might be needing it you'll get a list of a few applicable places.

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I am in Germany now and have no trouble finding vegetarian/vegan restaurants or menu items. Jo's suggestions are delicious!

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Ezra, no it was the Hotel Kranenturm in Bacharach. I believe I read that the owners had changed since I stayed there in the Fall of 2014 so not sure if it is still available there. In Bacharach there was also an eatery along the main street (had vine covered patio out front) that had a vegan option. The owner, a woman, spoke excellent English and likes to hike, lol.