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United Travel Ready Not Recognizing Booster

I received my second Moderna on 1/30/21, but received my booster on 1/24/22. The date of my booster was 1/24/22.

Based on entry requirements posted on the United Travel Ready Center I would think I do not require an antigen test for our flight on Tuesday. The center though keeps rejecting my vaccine information never asks if I have a booster or not. It just asks for the dates of my first two doses.

Anyone have a similar issue or have suggestions?

Should I list my booster date as my "second dose" when asked by United?

Update: After calling United and based on the information I supplied, they approved me as travel ready. Why I had to wait 30 minutes on the line for them to do that when they could just as easily update their site with a question about the booster is another question.....

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