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Two weeks in Germany

My wife(59),daughter(38), and I(66) are planning our summer trip. We will begin in Bacharach for 3 nights, then train to Baden Baden for 2 nights then to Fussen for 2 nights to see Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles. Then I need advice where to stay by train to get to the top of Zugspitz then we’re off to Munich for 3 nights with a day trip to Dachau. Then 2 nights in Rothenberg then 3 nights in Leipzig then flying home. I need advice on cheap nice lodging to book and estimated costs

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To visit the Zugspitze, you would want to be in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Fastest way there from Füssen is probably by bus/train combo unless you have a car. Look on the D Bahn website for details

For accommodations, try using the search function here for each of your locations, or try and use their filters to refine your search. But try to book using the hotel website whenever possible.

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"I need advice on cheap nice lodging to book and estimated costs..."

Costs vary a lot. So do people's ideas about "cheap." And lodging options are many. What sort of lodgings do you want, specifically? Rooms for 3 are not abundant. Maybe a vacation rental with kitchen and 2 bedrooms - or 1 bedroom and a sleeper-couch? What price range would you consider cheap for 3 adults? What dates will you be there? The same room can be a good value in early June and a poor value in July.

And does saving €s mean you are able to be flexible about your plans? What are those plans for days 1-3 right now? Are you planning to tour some REAL castles- like Marksburg, Eltz, and Rheinfels - while you're on the Rhine? Staying in Bacharach (which is outside the VRM zone) means that your outings by train aren't possible with the free VRM Guest Tickets that are available from certain innkeepers doing business in towns to the north. There are accommodations in Oberwesel, St. Goar, and Boppard (a town where ALL rooms/apartments/etc. come with a Guest Ticket) that will make sure your local train trips are free.

If you can provide some specific answers to the above questions, you'll be more likely to get more specific advice.

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Have you already bought the air tickets? What cities in and out? Are your flights non-stop? Have you used Google Maps and DB train site to get mileages, costs, and hours of travel time? I believe your list may not be optimal.

This is a tough pace in a very big country. I've been to Germany several times and I have many areas left to see.

I like Leipzig but it doesn't fit the rest of your list. How did you select it? Why no Berlin? Having noticed your home town, have you read this story:

Do you know that Neuschwanstein is a 19th Century construction? You may want to make sure that your interest in castles takes you to places you really want to see. Of course it's your choice.

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Rothenburg - Located very near the church and market square. 3rd floor apartment would work well for you.

Bacharach - Irmgard Orth’s b&b - get the room with the king bed and bathroom ( shower and toilet ) for you and one of the other rooms for your daughter. It uses the hall bathroom but it is shared with only one other room and most times I have stayed there of the sharing rooms have not been both occupied. Wonderful hostess. Located near train station and tourist office. [email protected]

If the spa experience is why you are going to Baden-Baden, then fine. But if it is for the Black Forest, then consider Gengenbach. I stay at Ferienwohnung Wink, a 1699 former city council building located right on the market square.

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Use a site like to get an idea of costs for your actual dates (or close). Then you can decide what falls within your budget, or if your budget needs adjusting. Keep in mind that ac is very rare in Germany, so if that is important, make sure your hotel lists it.

You need to decide if you’ll try to find triple rooms, and if a sofa bed is acceptable. You will find almost no hotel rooms with two queen beds. More likely you will find two twins pushed together, plus a third twin (if not a sofa bed). Make sure you’re all on the same page about expectations for lodging.

I also recommend Boppard over Bacharach. There are several nice hotels right on the river, and the railroad tracks are farther away on the other side of town. Bacharach is a super cute town, but lodging is limited and pricey. The train tracks are very close, and the river is a bit further away. Definitely worth a visit though.

We’ve stayed at this apartment in Boppard and I would recommend it: