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Trip to Bavaria during G7 Summit

Dear All,
I am traveling to Bavaria in June 2015 with my husband and have already booked my flight tickets. I am flying from Mumbai, India into Munich.
Below is my schedule:
June 4,5- Munich
June 6,7,8- GaP with day trips to Mittenwald, Neuschwanstein Castle and Zugspitze
June 9,10- Hall in Tirol
June 11- Zell Am See
June 12- Hallstatt
June 13,14,15- Berchtesgaden
June 16,17,18- Vienna
Flying out of Vienna on June 19th Morning.
Need some help in understanding the implication of G7 Summit held between June 7-8 in Garmisch-P. Do I have to worry considerably about this summit? I am facing a hard time finding rooms during this time in hotels. Just called Zugspitze whether it will be open on June 7/8. They confirmed that it will remain open. Also, I am not interested in visiting the inside of N castle. I really don't want to re-schedule my trip!
Got to know about a Bilderberg conference held in Tyrol between June 9-14. However, it is not as big an event as G7.
Please suggest if there is a way to still shuffle my do Berchtesgaden first and then complete Bavaria towards the end of my trip? But that will mean going all the way back to Vienna..I am really confused :(
Appreciate your help!

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I know nothing about the G7 Summit or its impact on the area.

You could easily reverse the order (Munich, Berchtesgaden, Hallstatt, Zell am See, Hall in Tirol, GP, Vienna) as GP is only about 2 hours from Berchtesgaden, so it does add 2 hours to your trip to Vienna, if that's no a deal breaker for you.

FYI: Hall in Tirol is less than 1:30 drive from GP. Hallstatt is about 1:30 from Berchtesgaden and Zell am See is 1:30 from Berchtesgaden. We visited Hallstatt while based in Berchtesgaden. Did the same with Zell am See, but liked it so much, we stayed in Zell am See on another trip. By adding a night in Zell am See, it would give you the opportunity to drive the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, if this is of interest.

If you'd like recommendations for places to stay in all these locations, we have stayed many times in these areas.


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Thanks Paul! Will surely consider this option..
Additionally, please advise of it's wise to take a train (of available) from GP to Vienna.. Would drop the car (renting a car for 10 days from 6th to 16th) near GP.
BTW going to berch from Munich takes about 3.5 hours, 2 more hours than it takes from Munich to GP. so the increase in travel time is about 4 hours.. But we are willing to sacrifice : (
Alternatively, should I stay somewhere near seefeld/ehrwald instead of GP on the predecided dates?
Also, please let me know in case you have any clue about the bilderberg Conf in Tirol.. How would it affect our stay..

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You certainly could drop the car in GP and train to Vienna. Pick up the car in Munich and head to Berchtesgaden. 1:30 to 2 hour drive.
Personally, we're not crazy about Garmisch itself, but love the area, meaning we prefer staying in Mittenwald. Mittenwald, Fuessen, Ehrwald, etc. work as a base instead of GP. The Zugspitze trip is very easy from Ehrwald, Austria.

We've driven from Berchtesgaden to Munich many times, as recently as Dec. 2013. It takes under 2 hours to Munich itself, about 2:30 to Munich airport. We've stayed in Hall in Tirol 5 times (18 nights), the Berchtesgaden area 5 times (18 nights), Mittenwald twice (6 nights), Fuessen twice (5 nights) and Zell am See once for 2 nights.

If interested, our photo's are at:

You know, if you wanted to, you could do:
Arrive Munich airport and drive to Berchtesgaden. (You do not need to drive into or out of Munich city).
Zell am See
Hall in Tirol
GP or Mittenwald or Ehrwald or Fuessen...
Drop car in Garmisch and then train to Munich
Train to Vienna.


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I'd stay well away from the G8 summit, having seen news coverage of the level of local disruption caused when it was held in Northern Ireland a couple of years ago.

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Thanks again..
I was thinking to go back to Munich on the 15th night, returning the car and then catching an overnight 11 pm train to Vienna.. will reach by 6 am next morning.. Also will save hotel charges! What say?
I think the rail ticket is 60 euro for 2 adults (non refundable)

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Hey Philip.. Do you think it will cause any disturbance in Munich/ Berchtesgaden during that time.. cause I will be in Berchtesgaden from 6th to 8th

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The G-7 was held in Pittsburgh about 7 or 8 years ago. I happened to be in Scotland, but heard all the stories when I got home. They went insane on security -- the whole downtown area (which is not that large) was pretty much in lock down mode. Who knows if Germany will react that way, but I would expect security to be heightened, which might make it difficult to get to where you want to go. I would guess it would be a pretty small area that would be a problem. So surrounding towns will probably not be affected. Do consider staying in Mittenwald, as it is very close to GaP. I spent five nights there and just loved it.