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Traveling from Munich or Fussen to Interlaken?

Rough itinerary:
Day 1- Fly into Munich arriving 9:30am; spending the rest of the day combating jet-lag by wandering in Old Town Munich (see marienplatz, new town hall, viktualienmarkt, frauenkirche)
Day 2- Morning at Dachau, evening exploring Old Town more (more beer & maybe visit Numphenburg Palace if we are up for it)
Day 3- Morning travel to Fussen (2.5 hrs) & see Neuschwanstein Castle and spend afternoon in Fussen.
Day 4- Travel to Interlaken, Switzerland in the morning

Background info about us as travelers:
-My husband and I are 30, in good health, and enjoy walking/hiking
-We will be traveling with one daypack each as our luggage
-We want to travel to Interlaken as fast as possible while keeping it as cheap as possible (don’t we all! 😊 but I know Switzerland is NOT cheap generally)
-We are from the U.S. and haven’t been to Germany/Switzerland
-The trip is a total of 14 days (3 in Germany and 9 in Switzerland)


  1. Which option is best? A) After visiting the castle, stay the night in Fussen and travel to Interlaken the next morning B) Travel back to Munich after visiting Fussen/Neuschwanstein Castle and travel from Munich to Interlaken the next morning (this would keep us from changing hotels) C) Travel to Interlaken the same evening after spending the day in Fussen/Neuschwanstein

2) What is the best way to travel from Fussen/Munich to Interlake? (We will be staying about 3-3.5 days/4 nights in Interlaken area)

3) What website is the easiest and most affordable to use for train/bus tickets?

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If you google Fussen (or Munich) to Interlaken and click on the train symbol, it will show you the options. Adjust the dates to suit your schedule.

Consider a Swiss rail pass - there are several options. Do a search on this site - it takes some research to determine which is best for you. Then use the SBB app for train times.

Cheap and Switzerland don’t go hand in hand.

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Füssen to Interlaken takes around 6 hours, so how much time do you want to spend in Füssen? Travelling back to Munich might save you a hotel change, but it would also mean a bit of backtracking.

2: Train

3: or

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If you want to save some money make sure that you book your ticket all the way to Interlaken (or wherever else you plan to stay) on
With discounted tickets to Switzerland issued by the German Railways the price is pretty much the same regardless which destination in Switzerland you choose. Take advantage of that.

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I think the least stressful way to do this is make Fussen a day trip from Munich. You don't need to deal with luggage and checking into a hotel for one night. Organized tour choices for day trips from Munich are plentiful and you don't need to deal with reservations at Neuschwanstein.

If you want to see more than Neuschwanstein and Linderhof Castles, you can rent a car for the day in Munich and make visits to Weiskirche, Neuschwanstein, Ehrenburg and Linderhof. Finish with a walk through Oberammergau. It's a full day, but you'll catch all the highlights, and drop the car off in Munich the same evening.

Either way, you do spend nearly a couple hours backtracking to Munich, but for my 2 cents, I'd rather spend the evening in Munich. Rail travel to Interlachen can be done in roughly the same time from both locations the next day since Fussen doesn't have intercity train service.

As the others said, book from either the German or Swiss rail lines. Just a word of warning about Swiss rail service: once you've traveled with them, anything else is a disappointment :-)