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Travel Insurance

I would welcome any suggestions or comments regarding the purchase of travel insurance through Rick Steve’s recommended carrier. I requested a quick quote and received a blizt of various levels of coverage without any real help. We are traveling in September to Germany (2nd RS tour) for the 13 day tour. We are both healthy seniors that travel often.

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I really don't think there's a shortcut; you need to read the policy documents to see what is included and what is excluded. Websites like and can help you identify companies offering the basic types of coverage you want, but the devil is in the details.

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I've had some experience with travel insurance. Allianz is probably the most highest rated, although quite pricey (various levels will cover more issues). You could also do World Nomads (a bit cheaper- read all the fine print). Travel Guard is ok, but you have to read through the exclusion parts as well. Any type of insurance you get, I'd also recommend getting supplementary health insurance separately that covers more things. Geoblue is great- (granted I'm a bit younger than you) but coverage for 2 people for 3 weeks is about $90 or so, it is quite comprehensive. You get access to local doctors and no copayments. They even have a nice little phone app where you can locate a hospital or doctor near you, and they have some specialists on there. I figure, it couldn't hurt. I haven't had to use it yet, but I'm always glad I have it. I had a friend who didn't have any supplementary health plan and ended up having to pay out of pocket because her mom got a toe infection in Scotland. It was a big headache for the both of them and bill.

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We have purchases travel insurance for our most recent overseas trip, but we've never had to use it, thankfully.

One thing to be aware of is that most travel insurance doesn't cover pandemics, in case that's your concern. Be aware of that.

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Do you want travel insurance mostly to cover the costs of the trip and non-refundable reservations? Or are you more interested in the medical & medical evacuation coverage? Just note that accidents and injuries can happen even to healthy people.

We've never needed to make claims on the insurance, but one of the advantages we thought to using Travel Guard on RS tours was that they would be used to working with RS travelers and the company.

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I've gotten the Travel Guard policy a number of times for my RS tours. I'd read the policy, make notes and then call and talk with an agent. I've found they are particularly helpful in sorting out what exactly I want to have covered. Do ask about whether your flights are covered and ask about adding any additional days if you decide to add anything on at a later date. I was surprised to find out during one conversation that "cancel for any reason" is not exactly cancel for ANY reason (this was a few years ago).

I am SURE they are all being hammered right now with calls about the Corona virus so I'd advise patience and an empty bladder.