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Travel from Gengenbach to Luxembourg

I would like to seek your advice on how to travel from Gengenbach to Luxembourg. I ordered a ticket on DB Bahn website for a trip from Gengenbach to Luxembourg in May. The ticket I received by post shows a partial trip from Hanweiler to Luxembourg which cost EUR 12.40 and a seat reservation on Bus 123 from Saarbrucken to Luxembourg. I don't see Hanweiler in the itinerary of my order which should be Gengenbach - Offenburg - Strasbourg - Saarbrucken - Luxembourg. It seems that this route is shortest and scenic, that is why I chose it. The route says border crossing at Kehl(Gr), Hanweiler(Gr), but I can't find Hanweiler along the border.

Can I use the ticket (Hanweiler - Luxembourg) already bought and buy tickets for other sections in advance? Or should I just arrive one stop then buy tickets for the next stops? Any tips on saving costs are much appreciated. I have contacted DB Bahn via email, asking them to explain my ticket situation but no response so far. Thank you very much in advance.

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You may have only a partial ticket, since much of the route is outside of Germany. When I look at the DB schedule for that route going to Saarbrucken it shows 4.40 euro (partial fare). When I click on (partial fare), it says only portion covered is Hanweiler to Saarbrucken. Hanweiler is the border crossing across the river from Sarreguemines, France. So you only have paid for the German portion of the French Regional train from Strasbourg to Saarbrucken. Then looks like you have a bus ticket on the Saarbrucken-Luxembourg Express bus.
I'd say you can still travel this route, but have not paid for the trains from Gengenbach to Offenburg, Offenburg and Strasbourg, and the portion of the train from Strasbourg to Hanweiler. These are all unreserved trains. You can buy the remaining tickets when you get there. I don't know if Gengenbach is a manned station, but you can probably get it taken care of at any other manned DB or French station.

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Hello Sam. Thank you very much. When I googled Sarreguemines, I saw Hanweiler. It is clear now. I can use KONUS card for the portion Gengenbach - Offenburg and have to buy tickets for Offenburg - Strasbourg - Hanweiler. (This is my first experience with this forum - a great start!) Have a nice weekend.