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Transit thru Munich airport Schengen to non-Schengen

With carryon only, we will be arriving at Munich from Amsterdam on KLM to T1 and then transit thru on same ticket departing T2 on Lufthansa/Croatia Airlines to Dubrovnik -

can someone outline for us what we will need to do when we deplane at Munich - do we just go thru passport control and then transfer to T2?

Or, will we have to do both passport control and security too?

And - the big question amongst recent delays, if the flight we are arriving on is delayed for 15-20 mins, any guesses/or recent experience, will our connecting flight know there are passengers coming to board, but are delayed and so will wait for a bit, or will flight will just depart on time?

Thanks so much!

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There is shuttle bus service between T1 and T2, for both Schengen and non-Schengen passengers. This map shows where to catch the shuttles. I have been assured in an email from the airport that it is not necessary to go through security when using the shuttles.

Incidentally, the schedule for Aug 1. shows Lufthansa flt 1710 to Dubrovnik leaving from T2, H concourse, so you won't have to take the rail shuttle out to the satellite terminal. The schedule also shows KLM using gates in the D concourse.

Also, as I remember, emigration (Out-of-Schengen passport control) is in the center of T2 (0pposite the MAC, but the Schengen zone shuttle arrives at the south end of T2. I think to avoid a lot of walking, you should probably use emigration in T1 (C concourse) before taking the non-Schengen shuttle bus.