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Trains in Germany

Anybody have any recommendations for train passes? I’m planning on being in Germany for a day and a half but I’m planning on going from bremen to Hannover then onwards to Austria. I’m looking for a train pass that will make this cheaper. Thanks!

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Why would you think a pass would make that cheaper?

Even for a week from now, you can get a ticket from Bremen to Hanover for 17.90 EUR if you buy it today, nonrefundable, or 25 EUR day of travel after 9 am on a direct regional train.

Where in Austria? I see trains to Vienna from Hanover for 59.90 EUR next week if you buy today, nonrefundable.

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I don't think you are going to find a train pass for your travel. Train passes are usually sold for a lot more than two days (there are no such thing as a 1½ day pass). Use the German Rail website to get a Saver Pass (advance purchase) ticket. Just make sure you can commit to the date of the ticket.

What are you dates of travel and your destinations?

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My dates of travel are September 20th-21
I looked for a train from bremen to Hannover it’s 50$ so…

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20461 posts Deutsche Bahn runs the trains and sets the prices, so their information is reliable.

Bremen to Hanover is a Niedersachsen Laender ticket when using a regional train. 26.30 EUR before 9 am weekdays, 25 EUR after 9 am weekdays and all day weekends and holidays. The Regional train takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to go from Bremen to Hanover, while the ICE and IC trains do it in 1 hour. These trains can be even cheaper, like 17.90 EUR if you are willing to commit to riding a specific train on a specific date. Think of them like discount airline tickets.