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Train Travel from Frankfurt Airport to Rothenburg ob der Tauber--Transfer Time and Platforms


My name is Shirley and I will be travelling by train in June. I have recently purchased my first train ticket from the DB Bahn website. The journey starts from Frankfurt Flughafen Regionalbf using an S-Bahn train and arrives at Frankfurt HBF (tief) platform 102 and there is a 10 minute transfer time to Frankfurt (Main) Hbf platform 8.

1) I would like to know if 10 minutes is enough time to get from platform 102 to platform 8?

2) Also, since the first train is an S-Bahn and the second train is a Regional train will they be in the same area? If not in the same area, can someone give me directions?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me and I really appreciate all the advice that I have gotten from previous posts on other travel related info in Germany! :)


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Platform 102 is on the lower level of the Hauptbahnhof. Though 10 min. should be fine to make it upstairs to track 8, if it is possible to take an earlier S-bahn, I would. A little cushion of time is always good and isn't so stressful for you. There is an S-bahn every 15 min. from track 1 at the Regional train station at the airport. Your ticket will be good on any S-bahn.

Here is a nice little map of the station. From track 102, you will go all the way upstairs and will come out around tracks 15-16 , and then all you have to do is walk to track 8.

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If you are traveling from Frankfurt airport, I am assuming you are coming in on a flight to Frankfurt. Also, since you must be going via Würzburg, I am assuming you are taking one of the Regional Express trains, the only trains I see leaving from track 8 to Würzburg. So, I would say to you, as soon as you get to FRA, find the Regional Bahnhof and take the first S-Bahn (there is one every 15 minutes) to Frankfurt Hbf. But, although there used to be an RE from Frankfurt Hbf to Würzburg every hour, now there are only a few. Some of the RE now leave from other stations (Frankfurt Stadion?). Some go through Frankfurt Hbf, some don't. Some you can only catch at Hanau (an eastern suburb of Frankfurt).

You need to use the the Bahn website and see what your options are, depending on if your flight is early or late. It looks like you have a ticket for regional trains. If you bought it from the Bahn, it should be valid on any regional trains from FRA to Rothenburg that day.

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Hi Ms. Jo and Lee,

First of all, thanks for answering my questions. It sounds like I can take any S-Bahn & regional train to my ticketed destination for the date of the ticket. Please confirm again as I was under the impression that it was required to take only the train # and time that is listed on the ticket.

Regards Shirley

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The strict rules on what train you can get are if you're booked on a long-distance service (IC, ICE or EC). If all your trains are S-Bahn, RE or RB then the times are suggestions rather than absolute requirements.

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You can take any regional train or S-Bahn that day and the next (for trips over 100 km) as long as it's on the same route, FRA to Frankfurt Hbf to Würzburg to Steinach to Rothenburg. You could not, for instance, take a side trip via Fulda. Actually, this is true for Savings Fare tickets as well, not for the designated trains (ICE/IC/EC/IR), but for regional trains getting you to and from the designated trains.

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I love that little Steinach/Rothenburg shuttle! Plenty of room and plenty of restroom room! :)


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It seems they are always changing the schedules. What I see right now for a workday is the following.

At 7:06, RE4605 leaves the Regionalbhf at FRA going to Würzburg. Note, don't go to the Hbf. Catch the RE at the airport.

After that, 4607, -09, -11, -13, and -15 leave the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof at 8:34, 9:15, 10:34, 11:30, and 12:34, respectively, on tracks 7, 4, 7, 5, and 7. So, if you're at the Regionalbhf after 7:06 but before about noon, take the next S-Bahn to the Hauptbahnhof.

After that, 4617 leaves Stadion Bahnhof, one S-Bahn stop from FRA, at 13:28.