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train to garmisch tomorrow - help please from anyone local?

Hi all:

We are taking the train to Garmisch tomorrow (Aug 3) from Munich... it looks like there is a change to a bus in Murnau - I am guessing that is because of the accident some weeks ago that damaged the track? It is transferring to a SEV... will this be obvious do you think? We have a paragliding reservation so we can;t miss it...

Any help is greatly appreciated! thank you!

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Kim, I'm not a local so I don't know any particulars but I had a similar situation come up in May on my Germany trip. The train from Gengenbach to Boppard was going to be diverted due to construction and a bus was involved. I was going to arrive an hour later with the new route. Even though I had a reservation for a specific train, DB allows passengers who have inadvertent changes in the schedule that will delay them to change their reservation for something that works better for them (i.e., an earlier train perhaps?)

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That's right, the track is still closed because the state attorney has not yet released traffic. On this map of Murnau station, you can see the hexagonal "SEV" sign ("Schienenersatzverkehr", i.e. rail replacement service) in front on the station. This is the departure point of the bus to Garmisch. You will arrive on track 3, go through the underpass, and then it is only a few steps to the left.

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So, when using the Bahn schedule website, put in the latest arrival time that you need to arrive in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in order to make your paragliding reservation, and it will show you which trains from Munich Hbf you need to catch in order to get to GaP in time.

When the train stops in Murnau and they announce that it is the end of the line and everyone must continue on the SEV, it will be pretty obvious, even if you don't understand the announcement. Everyone else will get off and walk to the SEV bus. Just go with them.

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Just did this trip from Munich to Murnau, then Oberammergau on Mon. Super easy. Get off the train with everyone else in Murnau and walk to the buses. The ones going to Garmisch will have signs in their windows. You won't be the only one going there. Ask the drivers and they will point you to the correct bus.

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Thanks all!

Trip was postponed but my husband and son are going tomorrow. Thanks for the help!

Kim :)