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Train tickets in Germany

I'm going to be traveling by train in Germany from August 23 to August 28. I will need train tickets between Salzburg, Austria to Heidelburg, Heidelburg and Baden-Baden, and Baden-Baden to Zurich, Switzerland. Would it be better to get some type of rail pass or just buy individual tickets? I'm a 75 year old senior trying to navigate the train system and could greatly use some advice.

Thank you for your assistance.

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I normally just by P-P individual tickets, especially for so few trips. Tickets in Germany seem to be quite reasonably priced. I haven't looked but doubt that you'd save any money with a rail pass for those few trips.

As I recall, you'll need to take a taxi from the station in Baden-Baden into town, as it's some distance. The taxis are able to get past the bollards and drop passengers right at their hotels.

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The 9-euro ticket is useless for the high-speed trains you will want to use for the long train journey from Salzburg to Heidelberg. For savings you should pre-purchase a point-to-point ticket for that trip. Same for B-B > Zurich. Note that saver fares come with unpleasant consequences if you don't use the ticket as scheduled.

For Heidelberg > Baden-Baden, the 9-euro ticket will work as long as you use the local/regional trains only. Buy it at the station. You can find journeys for these trains at the DB site by clicking on "only local transport" when you do your search.