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Train Strike in Germany?

Has anyone been affected by the trains? I heard there were some strikes. I leave on May 21st for Berlin and was planning on doing most all of my travel by train. Wondering now if I should switch gears and rent a car. Thanks for the help

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There was a mega 6-day strike, the longest in German rail history, but it ended last weekend. Whether there will be another one is anybody's guess.

Some trains did run, and it was possible to get to many places, but it took longer than normal, and you had to follow announcements.

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A weeklong strike of German locomotive drivers just ended yesterday. The dispute was not resolved, but a statement by the head of the union suggests that another strike is not planned in the immediate future. "The country and the rail passengers have now earned a break," he said, "and a break for for the Bahn to reflect and react."

So no guarantees, but it sounds like your timing is good. I'm arriving in Munich by train on the 30th, so I too am hoping all will be normal.

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There has also been a Courier strike in Berlin, doesn't sound like much except they reload the ATMs, so ATMs are running out of money.

I ran into this in Paris years ago, found that ATMs attached to banks were more likely to work (employees loaded them), but it really messed up many tourists as well as locals. I thimk it would be the same in Berlin.

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The DB locomotive drivers began a new strike today. This strike is expected to last longer than the last one, which extended for 6 days. There may be some limited train service, but how much is uncertain.

Good luck. Susan