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Train reservation needed for Cochem to Munich?

My wife and I have a 2nd-class railpass and will be traveling from Cochem to Munich (Hauptbahnhof) on Friday, April 25th. We will probably take the 6:58 am train from Cochem. Any need for a reservation? I don't see that it is required on the Deutsche Bahn website, but want to make sure I didn't miss something, or see if a reservation would be smart (or even possible) anyway.

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The 6:58 train from Cochem to Koblenz is a regional train. Reservations are not possible on regional trains.

Reservations are possible at 4,50€/person (for both the IC from Koblenz to Mannheim and the ICE from Mannheim to Munich. That's 4,50 for both trains, not for just one of the trains.) Get them online using this German Rail webpage.

Except for the rare ICE Sprinter, reservations are not required for German trains. Sometimes the Bahn website will say that tickets are recommended, but it doesn't say that here. Nevertheless, if it were I, I would reserve. It's cheap insurance against having to stand for a while.

However, the reservations are for a specific train, so you would have to feel you would be very likely to catch that train.
You might also wait until you are at the station and get reservations then. Check the counter hours when you arrive. The counter might not be open before your train time. You might have to get your reservations the day before or from the automat in the lobby.

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Lee's advice is good, but from experience I'd add that it is definitely worth reserving seats for long-distance travel on Fridays or weekends, if possible.

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If a train offers reservations, I always get them. The reason is not so that I guarantee myself a seat. In all the trains I've ridden, only once on a very busy weekend on the way to a festival could I not find a single vacant seat. I do it because with a reservation, I know exactly which carriage to enter as the train pulls into the station, and I can procede directly to my empty and waiting seat. Without a reservation, you have to make a guess on which carriage to board. Then fumble around with your luggage while you and everyone else without a reservation move in both directions down the narrow aisle trying to find a vacancy. You'll find one, but it can get a little frustrating. Especially if you travel with more than one person and you want to sit together. That extra €2 I incur for the reservation is worth it to me because of the hastle I avoid.